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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 45

Jean was still dissatisfied after hearing his words, and Joanna panicked. Ian tried to ease the tension by saying, "Mr. Beauvort is getting better recently; Ms. Garcia is indeed talented. Mr. Beauvort is totally fine after his fever subsided. You all don’t have to do anything recently; I’ll contact you if anything is needed."

Ian tried to speak politely, and Joanna was surprised at his words. Is he trying to say that that woman managed to let Mr. Beauvort get better with just one session?

She did not believe it. She gathered up her courage and glanced at Jean’s handsome face. And indeed, he was looking healthier now! His face used to be totally pale, but it was a little bit reddened now. He looks livelier and more energetic!

By right, she should be happy when her patient gets better. But she really could not be happy at this moment! Her team had put in so much effort, let alone finding the treatment method, that they could not even make him feel better. His conditions were suppressed with medicine.

Yet the woman appeared, and with just acupuncture, she managed to make him feel better. Was she not trying to humiliate Mer?

This d*mb b*tch, who she really is? Joanna was terrified. She did not dare to show her jealousy and unhappiness. So she started to save something out of courtesy: "If this is the case, I’m not worried anymore. Congratulations on getting better, Mr. Beauvort. But..." she changed the topic and said, "That doctor has only treated you once, and she used acupuncture to save you. I saw how she did it, and it seems that her method could only work once. It’s not suitable for prolonged treatment. And the doctor was strange; it’s better for you to be wary of her." She thought that she was smart for hiding the truth. Little did she know that Jean would frown upon hearing her words.

Ian knew Jean well; he could tell that he was moody with just one look. He stepped in and said, "We get it now; please leave if you have nothing else to say. He said, "Please leave if you’ve nothing else to say; just go so Mr. Beauvort can enjoy his lunch now. Joan did not dare to stay looking at his reaction, and she thought that he believed in her.

So what if that woman is talented? She only managed to treat Mr. Beauvort once, unlike me!

She was assigned to treat him and help him take care of his body. She had so many opportunities to be close to him. One day, I’ll achieve my goal and be his wife! She was smirking while thinking about it.

She did not know that after she was gone, Jean made up his mind and said, "Stop giving any sort of investment to her research institute next year."

Ian understood that Joanna was kicked out; she was not able to treat Jean all these years, and now that she had some sort of intention, Jean would not let people like this work for him; he did not need them. He hated freeloaders, and he also hated women targeting him.


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