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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 461

Jean's words prompted a subtle shift in Sonny's eyes.

Those familiar with the Nacrene Organization were well aware of its sinister reputation. It was an organization that thrived on heinous deeds concealed from the light of day.

The Nacrene Organization was comprised of ruthless people, each guilty of numerous criminal acts.

To achieve their goals, the Crimea Group often used dirty measures and had to borrow these people to do their dirty deeds if necessary.

As a result, the partnership with the Nacrene Organization was kept secretive, leaving no evidence behind.

How did Jean's group manage to discover this connection?

Sonny found himself taken aback by this realization.

He had always thought that the Crimea Group and the Beauvort Group as equal contenders in the business realm, presuming he could easily compete with Jean.

Now, Sonny recognized the vast gap separating their companies, an insight he found unsettling.

Yet, he was no stranger to the ways of the world, and he refused to be easily swayed by Jean's words.

Returning to his nonchalant demeanor, he addressed Jean, "Mr. Beauvort, your questions are quite strange. How would I know what they'd find out? If they've found something that has nothing to do with the Crimea Group, why would you waste your time with me?"

Not one to be easily rattled, Sonny's stance remained steadfast. However, Jean was not deterred and continued to question.

"Mr. Sonny, I heard about a recent incident at the Phoenix Hill villa development area. It seems that a worker lost his life there. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that area was acquired by the Crimea Group, wasn't it?"

A soft chuckle escaped Jean's lips.

"I heard that despite the worker's death, the incident was swiftly closed, and the project is still going on... Lately, I've had some spare time, so I had Ian look into it. Strangely, I sensed something wrong. I wonder, what if the evidence were presented to the police? Could they reopen the case? Who knows, a fresh investigation might unearth unexpected truths. I can't help but wonder, could the Crimea Group withstand such scrutiny?"

Sonny's pupils contracted, his eyes taking on a darker hue. The pretense of indifference was crumbling. He could no longer hide his unease.

Damian, visibly agitated, struggled to contain his panic.

Neera, who had been observing silently, realized that Jean was strategically engaging in psychological warfare.

Today, he was prepared from the start.

From his very first words upon entering the room, Jean had been pressing him relentlessly, leaving no room for Sonny to regain his footing or catch his breath.

Jean promised Neera that he would make Sonny pay the price, and he was doing so right now!

Impressed by Jean's strategic approach, Neera could not help but sneak a glance at him.

Lounging in his chair with crossed legs, he exuded an aura of casual elegance. His commanding presence radiated a formidable atmosphere, making him resemble a king with the power to control everything.

Amid the tension, Damian's nerves gave way, and he stuttered, "Wh… what do you want?"

The question hung in the air, revealing the underlying fear that had been brewing.

The moment the question was asked, all his pretenses were shattered.

If there were no secrets, Damian would not have uttered such a plea.

At that moment, Sonny shot a fierce glare at Damian. His gaze bore into him as if he could pierce him with his eyes.

Sonny too, noticed that Jean had not yet gathered sufficient evidence. Otherwise, he would have promptly involved the authorities. Why waste time engaging in this charade?

However, Damian's words bear no distinction from him not identifying himself.

Allow their predicament to descend into the depths.

Jean was considerably content and exchanged another wink with Ian.

Ian then placed an additional document before Sonny.

"Mr. Sonny, this document is specially prepared for you. Please read it and if there aren't any problems, you can sign here."

As he spoke, a smile graced his face.

Sonny was plagued by a sense of unease and refrained from reaching out to grab it.

Damian had no choice but to present the documents to him.

Upon unfolding the document, its contents became distinctly visible.

It was a pledge.

It contained the conditions outlined by Jean.

Firstly, the Crimea Group was prohibited from targeting Startales, as well as engaging in the production of Startales' cosmetic formulas.

Secondly, they were to give up half of the domestic beauty market share to Startales. The specific approach entailed providing Startales with space in the Crimea Group's counters across prominent high-end department stores nationwide, free of charge. This agreement was to span a year!


The terms were articulated eloquently and there were many items listed in it as well.

After some time, Jean uttered, "Mr. Sonny, sign it. There's still room for change about your scheme against Startales."


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