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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 463

Having achieved his objectives, Jean was content. Soon, Sonny reluctantly signed the contract, his handwriting so forceful that the ink almost pierced through the paper.

After his last stroke, he flicked the pen and demanded a promise from Jean with a cold face.

"I've agreed to all your terms, so you should promise me to stop targeting Crimea Group from now on. It's only fair!"


Jean responded with a hint of sarcasm, "Should the typically unscrupulous Crimea Group be discussing fairness with others?"

Sonny found himself the object of Jean's mockery, his expression growing colder. "Enough with that talk!"

Naturally, Jean refrained from offering a direct response. Instead, he uttered coldly, "Whether I make a promise or not isn't important. What truly matters is how you act in the future... If you continue interfering with the Beauvort Group or Startales, I don't mind claiming a portion of Crimea Group's assets."

With that said, he left the place along with Neera and Ian.

Sonny and Damian were the only ones left in the private room.

Shaking with trepidation, Damian asked, "Mr. Sonny... Mr. Sonny, can we trust Jean? He left without making any promises. Could he report us to the authorities?"

Sonny, who had been containing his rage, erupted at Damian's words.

He spun around, directing a fierce and violent kick straight into Damian's abdomen.

"Worthless fool! If you hadn't displayed your cowardice just now and blurted out things you shouldn't have, leading us to be caught in this situation, would Jean dare to perch on my shoulders and treat me like his doormat?! It's all because of you, you wretched imbecile!"

Damian crumbled to the ground after the forceful kick, his face contorted in pain. However, his anguish took a backseat to his intense fear.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Sonny, it's my fault. I'm foolish. I'm so sorry..."

Sonny's anger raged on.

Having suffered such a substantial setback, he was not about to let it slide.

Without hesitation, he retrieved his phone and promptly reached out to someone from the Nacrene Organization.


Throughout the ordeal, Neera had not uttered a single word.

Only once they left the room, she gave Jean a thumbs up and praised him, "Mr. Beauvort, you were so cool just now, I admire you."

Jean was momentarily taken aback, amusement dancing in his eyes. "Of course, projecting strength is vital when it comes to dealing with others in negotiations."

Neera agreed, "Absolutely! It's important to assert dominance, especially when dealing with people like Sonny. I wish I could have clapped for you right then and there. The scene was too wonderful!"

Jean was in a good mood after being praised by Neera.

However, Neera could not help but express her concern.

"Still, you were so forceful and intimidating. Considering his malicious nature, aren't you afraid he'll seek revenge on you? He might retaliate."

Jean waved off her worries, "Don't worry, I'll be on guard. I'll send someone to guard Startales. But, I have a feeling... he won't have anything against us in the future."

Neera was perplexed.

What does he mean by that?

She had been wondering whether Jean would stop pursuing legal action against the Crimea Group.

After all, the Crimea Group had blood on their hands, and it felt somewhat unfair to not bring them to justice.

Perhaps Jean's words seemed to imply that he... has some sort of plan?

Bolstered by her curiosity, Neera could not restrain herself from asking, "Do you already have a plan?"

Jean's expression turned solemn as he responded, "I don't have a specific plan in mind. However, I don't know about the plans the victim's family may have."

Neera's heartbeat quickened as she understood what he meant.

Jean might not need to intervene, but he could potentially motivate the victim's family to seek justice!

"That's a clever and morally upright approach... Mr. Beauvort, you're amazing."

She smiled as she offered her genuine admiration.

Jean arched his eyebrow and smiled as he mimicked her tone, "Ms. Garcia, you're quite something. It's been a productive day. Let's head back for now. We can discuss our collaboration some other time."


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