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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 466

Jean was not too surprised when he saw the news. It was as though he had expected it.

Ian placed a cup of coffee in front of him and said, "Sire, Sonny should have guessed that we're the ones behind Mdm. Guthfrey's sudden appearance. This act is none other than a declaration of war between the Beauvort and Crimea families."

Jean took a sip of the coffee. He seemed unperturbed. "It won't affect anything. We're already business rivals anyway."

Ian was still worried. "I believe they'll try to suppress her by whatever means possible. They're not going to sit back and do nothing!"

If the case was brought under review again, Beauvort Corporation might be implicated too.

Jean put the cup back on the table and chuckled. "The matter is already out of his control. Even if he wants to lay the matter to rest, the victim's family needs to agree to it. We're talking about the loss of a human life here. Moreover, Crimea Group isn't powerful enough to silence people."

Ian thought for a while and realized what Jean said made sense. "The police are acting very fast, and they've already issued a stop work order to the construction project. Crimea Group stock prices are also on the verge of a freefall. If this goes on, there might not be much left of them by tomorrow morning. I'm not surprised if the people in the Crimea family are panicking now."

"It's not just about the accident," Jean said incisively, "Many rivals and competitors are looking to topple them. In particular, Sonny has made many enemies because of his arrogant and reckless attitude. The Crimea family might be one of the top five families in Kingsview, but the four other families won't hesitate to devour them!"

Ian was surprised to hear that. He had not thought about that.

All over Kingsview, the people from the other major families had also received the news.

Each of them reacted to the news differently.

In the Husbolt family residence, Patrick Husbolt and his son Lindsay were discussing it over some tea.

"I used to think the youngest son of the Beauvort family was an outstanding individual, but even so, I've underestimated him! I didn't expect he would be able to execute this stealthy plan and put the Crimea family in a tough spot."

Lindsay nodded. "I've crossed paths with him a few times. He's certainly no pushover."

Patrick suddenly thought of something. "If I remember correctly, I've heard from somewhere that he has a weak constitution. It is said that he won't live a long life, so why did he do something so drastic all of a sudden? Does he plan to take over the Crimea family business?"

Lindsay thought for a moment before replying, "I don't think so. As far as I know, the Crimea family stirred up trouble first… As for Jean, he looked under the weather the last time we met, but I don't know how he is now."

"Too bad. I was thinking of matching Cherie with him. Cherie has a crush on him, but too bad he's not healthy…" Patrick put his teacup down and said. "In any case, we should maintain a cordial relationship with the Beauvort family. Frederic hasn't retired yet, his son Jean is as capable as he is, not to mention that Wrenn is also from one of the top five families of Kingsview. It would be a bad idea to go against them."

Lindsay seemed to agree with his father's sentiment. "I understand, Father. I wouldn't want to offend the Beauvort or the Leyva family."

The current master of the Leyva family was Wendell Leyva, Wrenn's elder brother.

At the same time, Wendell was sitting behind his desk in the Leyva Group headquarters. He was unperturbed by the news.

"That Crimea kid has been too arrogant for his own good, and it's only a matter of time before someone teaches him a lesson. He's no match for Jean. Only the Alexander family would be stupid enough to ally with them!"

Meanwhile, the people from the Alexander family were in crisis aversion mode. They hoped that their family business would not be affected by the scandal!

Somewhere else in Kingsview, Kyra's parents were also discussing the news.

Stetson Marks, Kyra's father, seemed confused. "There's something fishy about this. It's as though someone is working behind the scenes to bring down the Crimea family, but… who could be so brazen to offend them?"

"It'll be good for us if the Crimea family collapses, isn't it? I think our family can replace them in Kingsview's five main families. I'd like to think we're at least number five," Dandy said confidently.

She was incredibly envious of Wrenn, and she hoped that the Marks family would enter the top five.

The Crimea family's misfortune made her very happy.

She thinks too highly of herself! Stetson thought.

Kyra happened to step into the house at that moment. She said, "Jean is the one who attacked the Crimea family."

Stetson and Dandy turned their heads in surprise toward their daughter.

"What do you mean, Kyra?" Stetson asked.

"Why did he do so? I don't remember hearing about any beef between the Beauvort and the Crimea families," Dandy asked.

"What other reason does he need? He's doing it because of Neera!" Kyra said, displeased.

She had been staking out at the hospital to gain Wrenn's favor. A while ago, she overheard Winova reporting to Frederic about how Jean had acted against the Crimea family.

The revelation ruined her day.

She had done so much to gain Jean's favor, but Jean didn't even bother looking at her.

Compared to her, Neera practically did nothing.

She was incredibly jealous, and she did not understand why.

Dandy scowled when she heard that. "Neera is such a seductress. What did she do to make Jean fall head over heels?"


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