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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 478

When Neera heard that, all her worries disappeared in an instant.

Her heart started to beat a little faster, and she could not keep her eyes away from Jean's face.

Jean smiled and gazed at Neera gently. "Why, is there something on my face?"

Neera blushed instantly. She lowered her head and, ten seconds later, mumbled, "No."

There was another pause before she said, "Thank you."

Jean narrowed his gaze slightly. "You don't have to thank me. Now that we're 'married,' it's my duty to protect you. You also don't have to worry about what my parents think either."

"Mm," Neera replied softly.

She continued to talk about business, "I spoke to Adriana earlier at the office. She said Startales' products will be going on the shelves soon."

"That's good to hear," Jean said. "Crimea Group is going through a rough patch now, and losses are inevitable. But knowing how they usually are, they're not going to be sitting ducks. I'm sure they'll be doing something drastic soon."

"What can they do?" Neera asked.

Jean thought for a while and said, "They should be looking for some way to appease the victim's family, most likely with money, then they'd find someone to take the fall. That would be the most brute-force solution, and that will be what they'll do."

As though proving Jean's point, Crimea Group released a press statement the next day.

"Crimea Group has concluded its internal investigation about the accident involving the tragic loss of one life. It has been found that a certain Mr. Ziegler has embezzled funds from the project, which led to shortcomings in safety measures. The company has handed the investigation findings to the police and is willing to cooperate with the apprehension and arrest of Ziegler. While the accident was singlehandedly caused by Ziegler's greed, Crimea Group is also culpable. The company will compensate the victim's family an additional ten million dollars as a gesture of goodwill."

The news incited enthusiastic discussion on the Internet.

"Are they planning to settle the matter by offering money again? You can't measure the worth of a human life with money. What an unethical company. Have they ever thought how much grief they've caused the victim's family?"

"I knew they were going to do something like that. What a joke."

"Am I the only one who thinks there's something fishy about the entire thing? Who's this Ziegler who can hide a death from Crimea Group?"

"I don't believe it. I'm pretty sure Crimea Group is making Ziegler the fall guy."

"Heh, I'm not going to buy properties or products from Crimea Group!"

From the discussion and criticism, it was obvious that Crimea Group's statement failed to convince anyone.

Neera read the comments with interest. She took a screenshot of the statement and sent it to Jean.

Jean saw the message as he was entering his office. He asked Ian, "You've sent someone to investigate Ziegler, right? What did you manage to find?"

Ian took Jean's coat and said, "Yes. His full name is Conan Ziegler. He has embezzled at least five million dollars from the construction project, and I'm pretty surprised that Crimea Group is hanging him out to dry so quickly. I read the statement when I got out of bed today, and it looks like he's forced into a corner now. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure Crimea Group destroyed all evidence of the victim's death, and the police won't be able to find anything. Ziegler is finished for sure, and Crimea Group might just get out of this mess intact."

Jean sat on his chair behind his desk. He showed no expression on his face.

He had expected that to happen. After all, he was not hoping that a single incident could bring down Crimea Group.

It was enough to teach them a harsh lesson. At least Sonny won't be having any funny ideas about Neera.

Jean replied to Neera's message. "Crimea Group suffered huge losses in this incident, and I don't think they'll be working on the construction project. They shouldn't give you any trouble after this."

Neera stared at the message without blinking.

Did… Did he do all that for me?


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