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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 480

Ian stepped out of the car and closed the door behind him.

On his face was a rare expression of utter hostility.

The men in black clothes saw him come out of the car. Without saying a word, they charged at him while brandishing baseball bats and steel pipes.

Ian deftly dodged the attacks. He grabbed the wrist of the person closest to him and kicked him in the stomach.

The six-foot-tall man flew backward, and he dropped the baseball bat in his hand.

Ian swiftly picked it up and used it to parry the second attack.

In one fluid motion, he took a sidestep and swung the bat at the second attacker's stomach.

The attackers did not expect Ian to be so skilled. They all ganged up on him at the same time.

The scene was utter chaos.

As skilled a fighter as Ian was, he was overwhelmed by the sheer number of opponents. He was forced to be defensive and could not get a hit in.

A man with a huge knife scar on his face, who seemed to be the leader, pointed at the Rolls-Royce. "Our target is in that car. Attack that car."

"Yes!" his subordinates replied, and the group split in two.

Jean had been observing the situation from the back seat. He noticed several of the men in black clothes heading his way.

He remained calm as though he was oblivious to the impending danger. A curious smirk appeared on his face, as though he would soon become his attackers' executioner.

"Die!" he said.

The men in black clothes lifted their weapons and prepared to smash the windows.

Suddenly, two figures appeared out of nowhere like phantoms. The men in black clothes were swiftly knocked out, and the two figures joined in the fight.

It didn't take long before a dozen attackers were sprawled on the ground moaning in agony.

The scar-faced man was shocked by the turn of events. The other men in black clothes dared not step forward.

They could tell that the two people were professional fighters.

The scar-faced man knew they couldn't defeat the two. He discreetly took a step backward and made the signal to retreat.

His subordinates saw the signal, and they began to move backward as well.

Ian smirked when he saw that. "You're not getting away so easily!"

He swung the baseball bat at the scar-faced man. The man seemed to be the leader of the gang, and Ian planned to subdue him.

The scar-faced man could guess what Ian wanted to do. He whipped out a knife from a hidden pocket and swung it at Ian.

Ian did not expect the car-faced man to have another weapon. He tried to dodge, but the knife drew a gash on his arm. Blood splashed everywhere.

Jean narrowed his gaze when he saw that. "Ian, come back!" he ordered.

Ian immediately heeded Jean's orders. The scar-faced man was not going to prolong the fight, so he left with his subordinates.

Jean, Ian, the two bodyguards, and a bunch of injured gangsters were left at the scene.

"Sire, are you going to let them go just like that?" Ian asked as he tried to stop the bleeding with a handkerchief.

Jean shot a withering glance at him. "You still want that arm, don't you?"

He gave the two bodyguards his orders. "Storm, drive us to the hospital. Cloud, stay here and deal with the rest."

"Yes, Sire." Very quickly, the two bodyguards carried out the orders they were given.

The Rolls-Royce sped on the main road toward the nearest hospital.

Ian was brought to the emergency department. Fortunately, the wound was not very deep. The doctor cleaned it and dressed Ian's arm in no time.

"Remember to change the dressing daily, and keep the wound dry in case of infections," the doctor said.

"Thank you, Doctor."

Ian went to the car to report to Jean.

Jean seemed visibly relieved when he saw that Ian was fine. He ordered Storm to send Ian home.

On the way back, Ian felt a slight itch on the wound, but he paid no heed to it.

After he got home, he went to bed and fell asleep.


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