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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 493

Sasha overheard that and answered, "It's Mr. Mcdonagh's idea. He's very creative!"

Neera smiled and said, "That's great. You need creativity to thrive in this industry and retain talent. He is indeed an outstanding general manager. By the way, how has your luck been? Have you gotten any good prizes?"

Sasha puffed up her chest proudly and said, "Not bad. Last year, I managed to score a side character role in a blockbuster movie."

Even though Neera knew Star Entertainment Media was very generous, she was nonetheless surprised to hear that.

The role offered might only be a side character, but it could be Sasha's big break to the international market.

She was sure that every celebrity would dream of snagging that role, and Sasha managed to get it because of her luck.

Neera gestured a thumbs up at her. "That's amazing!"

Jean could see that Neera was excited. He leaned close to her ear and asked, "Do you want to try? Who knows you might be just as lucky."

Neera could feel Jean's warm breath on the back of her ear. The itchy sensation caused her to tuck her head into her shoulders.

She shot a glance at her. "Nah, it's okay. I'm not planning to venture into showbiz, and the prizes won't be of any use to me. I should give the opportunity to other people."

Jean grinned. "You haven't tried yet. You might be really lucky!"

Neera lifted her chin and said smugly, "Well, I'm pretty confident of my luck!"

Jean chuckled. "Go ahead and draw something then. I can give you other prizes that might interest you."

Neera's eyes widened with delight. "Like what?"

Jean thought for a moment.

Neera was pretty well-off. She did not have any material needs.

She should be most interested in…

"Do you fancy rare medicinal herbs?"

Neera's eyes sparkled when she heard that. "Really? You're not going to go back on your word, right?"

It was very hard to find genuine medicinal herbs in the market nowadays. If Jean promised to give that to her, she was sure that he wouldn't give her a counterfeit one.

"I would never go back on a promise made to you," Jean said with a gentle smile.

Neera was too excited to understand the implications of those words.

On the other hand, Sasha understood it very well. She was so jealous.

Everyone says that Mr. Beauvort has a cold personality, but he's actually such a charmer!

Larry knew what to do. "Ms. Garcia, if you're interested in joining the fun, I'll get someone to make preparations."

After that, he quickly went away.

Neera turned her head to speak to Sasha excitedly, "Shall we go together?"

Sasha discreetly glanced at Jean before agreeing to it. "How am I going to refuse an invitation from Ms. Garcia? Let's go!"

Fifteen minutes later, Larry went up to the stage with a microphone.

"It is an honor to have Ms. Neera Garcia join in the lucky draw today. Let's give her a hand!"

Everyone applauded enthusiastically as Neera walked up the stage with Sasha.

A transparent box with many identical balls was placed in the middle of the stage.

Neera studied the box for a while before saying, "You're an honest man, Mr. Mcdonagh. You don't even give me the chance to cheat!"

Larry chuckled and said, "Of course, Star Entertainment gives everyone an equal chance! It's totally up to your luck if you get something good."

He paused for a while before continuing, "But considering that it's your first time attending the gala, and Startales is a good partner of Star Entertainment Media, I should give you special treatment. You get three chances!"

Neera broke out laughing. She was not going to refuse it. "Sure! I was born lucky!"

"We'll see about that!" Larry said and ushered her to the middle of the stage.

Neera reached into the box and picked up a ball.

Larry took the ball and retrieved a piece of paper from inside. "Congratulations, Ms. Garcia. You've won yourself a product endorsement deal!"


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