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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 498

Neera thought it was very amusing.

Penny pouted. "Why are you smiling, Mommy? Shouldn't you be angry?"

"Well, I can't stop him from being very popular. He is very handsome, after all," Neera said. "They can fantasize however they want, but they're not going to get the opportunity."

She took the tablet away and pinched the triplets' cheeks.

"You don't have to worry about what's going on with the adults. Eat your breakfast and get ready to go to school."

"Yes, Mommy!" they said and did what they were told.

Neera smiled as she watched the triplets march toward the dining hall. She was about to turn off the tablet screen when a piece of news about Crimea Group caught her eye.

"Disaster! Many Crimea Group Businesses Shut Down by Authorities!"

Neera tapped on the link to read more about it. It didn't take her too long to guess that Jean was behind this.

Did he do all that in one night? He didn't even tell me anything about it.

Just how influential is he?

In any case, Neera had no sympathy for what happened to the Crimea Group. Sonny deserved it for trying to attack Jean.

Soon, the news was all but forgotten.

After breakfast, Neera sent the triplets to school and went to her office.

Adriana was sipping coffee while browsing some documents in the office. When she saw her niece appear, she put the cup and documents away and led Neera to the sofa.

"Yes, Aunt Adriana? What is it?" Neera was curious.

Adriana put her phone on the coffee table and lifted her chin. "Tell me, how is it going?"

Neera glanced at the phone screen. On it was the news article about Jean and his girlfriend. She said awkwardly, "Nothing's going anywhere."

"Are you sure? The wedding might be fake, but why do your interactions seem so genuine? Don't tell me… you two are really into each other?"

Adriana looked like she wanted to get to the bottom of it. Neera tried to explain, "You should know that journalists like to exaggerate. Why would you think it's true?"

She tried to shift the conversation topic. "Right, are our products in shopping malls yet?"

Seeing that Neera didn't want to talk about it, Adriana stopped asking questions. "Don't worry. Our products are on the shelves now. Our specialty stores can be found throughout the country!"

"That went so smoothly." Neera was surprised and happy at the same time.

Adriana seemed very pleased about it. "It's only so smooth because Crimea Group is preoccupied with other troubles. They wouldn't have let us off so easily."

Neera nodded in agreement. "I'm sure you had a big part to play too. You managed to negotiate so many deals in such a short period. I'm amazed!"

"Aww, you didn't have to flatter me," Adriana said, though Neera could tell she was very pleased about being praised.

She suddenly remembered something and said, "Right. Earlier this morning, Zachary came to my house and gave me a proposal."

Neera frowned when she heard that. "What proposal?"

"He said Fain Enterprises has developed a new facial cream, and they're willing to supply the product to Startales. All they ask for is 20 percent as their cost for R&D."

Neera thought about the suggestion for a moment. She chuckled, "That deal is too good to be true. Does he think we're all idiots?"

"Isn't that so?" Adriana smirked. "He sounded like he was willing to take a loss in the deal. I'm sure he wants to take advantage of the fact that we're in all major shopping malls around the country. It won't take too long for Fain Enterprises to steal our contacts and claim the businesses as their own. It would have been a good plan if it weren't so stupidly obvious."

There was nothing special about the products from Fain Enterprises. Adriana didn't think too highly of them.

"I've already tactfully declined their offer, but it doesn't look like they'll give up so easily. He might come and look for you."

Neera smirked disdainfully. She knew that Zachary was a shameless person, and he would most likely go and look for her.

She was not going to entertain him.


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