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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 50

Alvin was anxious, seeing how she treated Jean. "Mr. Beauvort…" He carefully looked at him, and he apologized non-stop as he worried that Jean would vent on him. "I’m sorry, I didn’t expect Ms. Nancy to leave so soon; she should be leaving from the other tunnel."

Jean did not blame him; he turned around and ordered Ian by saying, "Bring our men and look for her at all the hospital entrances!" Ian hurriedly got to it.


Neera changed her clothes and tidied up her hair. She then left the changing room, planning to go home. She walked past the hall and got into the lift; she arrived on the ground floor. She bumped into Jean, who was searching for Nancy in the hospital lobby. He was surprised to see her here, and he asked, "Why are you here?"

She was surprised too; instead of answering him, she asked, "Why are you guys here?"

He pursed his lips, and he roughly answered her, "I’m looking for someone!" He looked at her face, and he asked with a frown, "Why are you looking like this?"

She was stunned, and she touched her face. "What’s wrong with it?" She recalled that she had been doing the operation for six hours straight, so she must look exhausted now.

Ian saw her and asked, "Hey, Ms. Neera, are you feeling unwell? Your face is so pale. Are you here to see the doctor?" He felt that something was not right, and he continued to say, "Wait, you’re a doctor yourself. Your medical skill is marvelous. You shouldn’t need someone else to treat you, right?"

She guiltily touched her nose and said, "Who says so? I can’t help it when it comes to myself. I was feeling unwell, but I’m alright now. Please continue the search; I’ll leave now." She was exhausted, so she did not want to waste more time. She waved to them and took a taxi home from the hospital.

Jean’s men could not find anyone suspicious, and half an hour had passed. "Ask everyone to stop it; Ms. Nancy should be gone by now; we won’t be getting anything today."

Ian nodded and asked, "Mr. Beauvort, are we giving up just like this?"

Give up? I’ll never give up!

He turned back and asked Alvin to show them the surveillance footage. Isabella hurried over when she knew that they would be doing this and snorted, "You all aren’t allowed to see the footage! Stop it now; it’s over."

Jean was furious to see her covering up Nancy’s whereabouts; he glared at her. Alvin said helplessly, "Do you know who he is? He’s Mr. Beauvort! Stop hindering him! Get out now!"

Isabella was surprised that he was the head of the Beauvort family, but she had heard about him looking for Nancy before this. But she did not back off after knowing his identity; she would not expose Neera’s secret. She would keep her promise to hide her identity. Hence she looked at Jean with determination and said firmly, "Mr. Beauvort, to be honest, this is what Ms. Nancy wants. She wants to keep a low profile, so she doesn’t want people to know about her whereabouts. I’ve sacrificed a lot to invite her here; please don’t make me break my promise!"

Jean finally understood her stubbornness; he pursed his lips and remained silent. He then turned around and left grumpily!


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