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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 516

On the other side, Frederic was still waiting for Neera's response.

Neera was there and took a sip of her slightly cooled tea.

After being stared at for a while, she put down her teacup and spoke up.

"I get what both of you are thinking. No one wants to raise someone else's kids; that's fair enough. But don't get it twisted. I've never planned on having my children get their hands on the Beauvort family wealth, let alone inherit the family business."

Neera spoke relaxedly with a slight smile.

"You mentioned my status, right? I already had enough wealth and didn't need more money. So, your family's wealth, I'm not that interested."

Frederic thought she was easing up and felt relieved. He was about to say something to lighten the mood. However, Neera interrupted him and said, "But honestly, you're barking up the wrong tree. If you want me to divorce Jean, you should work on changing his mind instead of wasting your time on me."

Wrenn immediately lost his temper after listening to her words.

"You think we haven't tried? He won't do it, so we have no choice but to come to you."

Neera nodded and said calmly, "I see. Got it."

Wrenn could not stand her behavior and got a bit annoyed. Then she said, "So, what's your answer?"

Neera replied, "Sorry, I can't help you there. If he doesn't want to, neither can I. I've promised him not to divorce. Please forgive me for not being able to follow your orders." According to the contract, we could only divorce after two years. Of course, this secret was only known to me and Jean. I had no intention of putting it out according to the contract.

Wrenn could not control his anger anymore. She yelled, "Cut the bullsh*t! You just don't agree to divorce! After all that talk about not wanting the Beauvort family's wealth, you're just talking out of your a*s!"

Neera fell silent. Wrenn is overthinking! What a joke...

Neera almost chuckled and said, "Not divorcing him has nothing to do with wanting your family's wealth, okay? I don't need that much money. And I also owned ANXIN Group. Though it is not as big as the Beauvort's, it is enough for me and my kids to live comfortably for generations. The Beauvort family is nothing more than that to me."

She spoke softly, yet her words were heavy for Wrenn and Frederic.

"As for my marriage with Jean, we've talked privately. I also know your stance. But Jean doesn't want to divorce. You've already heard that from him, haven't you? Or not, you wouldn't have come to me."

Frederic's face turned gloomy. I never expected her to be so troublesome!

Frederic said coldly, "You make good points. We did hit a wall with Jean, but I thought we could have a calm discussion. I feel like you're a reasonable person."

Neera laughed without holding back. Her laughter somehow made them feel embarrassed.

"The only reason you're even willing to talk to me is because I'm the only one who can treat Jean. Otherwise, you would've broken us up long ago, right?"

Frederic and Wrenn choked on her bluntness. They never expected Neera to be so straightforward.

Neera caught their expressions and suddenly found the whole thing quite pointless.

"Since we're laying it all out, let me reiterate. No matter what you do, I can't comply. For now, I won't be leaving Jean."

Wrenn couldn't contain his fury any longer. I thought everything would work out with Neera! But it turned out Neera was even harder to communicate with compared to Jean!

"Neera, you think you're the only one capable of treating Jean? Now that we know what's wrong with him, we can find other doctors even without you. Even if they can't cure him completely, they can maintain his current condition. Isn't Ms. Nancy back in the country? I don't believe we can't find her!"

Neera was slightly stunned and laughed.

"Fine by me. If you can find her, then let her do it. Then, I won't have any objections to divorcing Jean."

With that, she did not want to stay any longer. She picked up her bag and stood up.

"I've said all I have to say. If I've offended you, please understand. If there's nothing else, I'll be going now."


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