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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 523

The triplets couldn't help but feel a bit worried after hearing the situation.

"Mommy, why don't you go check on Uncle Jean?"

They turned to Neera with hopeful eyes.

"Whatever you say, Mommy, Uncle Jean will listen. His health has improved a bit, and it wouldn't be good if he gets upset again..."

Neera hesitated briefly, considering that the kids had a point. She sought Ian's opinion.

"Does he want to see anyone right now? Can I go see him?"

Ian, desperate for backup, instantly agreed, "Of course, Ms. Garcia, please go ahead!"

Jean was in a foul mood, and it was likely that others wouldn't want to see him.

But if it were Neera, it was a different story.

Sire would listen to Ms. Garcia!

With that in mind, Ian hurried to open the door.

Neera found it speechless.

Just how angry could Jean be to make Ian this anxious?

When she met him, she thought that Ian was probably making a big deal out of nothing.

In the study, Jean was seated behind a large desk.

His expression was not as bad as expected, nowhere near as terrifying.

Hearing the commotion, he looked up, somewhat surprised.

"Why are you here?"

Neera smiled, "If I didn't come, Ian might turn into a bitter gourd."

Jean responded, "...meddlesome."

Neera raised an eyebrow, giving Ian some credit.

"You can't put it that way. He's worried about you, afraid that you'll get yourself worked up and harm your health."

Jean looked into her eyes, and then after a few seconds, he calmly said, "It's nothing major, just some work-related issues."

Neera didn't doubt his words and nodded slightly in understanding.

"Dealing with work problems can be frustrating, but it's not worth getting worked up over. The triplets are genuinely concerned about you. It's important to smile for them, so they can feel reassured."

Upon hearing these words, the gloom in Jean's eyes lifted, and his mood improved in an instant.

"Tell the kids I'm fine."

His lips parted slightly, his voice turning warmer.

Neera responded with an "Okay," feeling a strange sense of intimacy with the topic. She suddenly felt a bit embarrassed, so she lowered her gaze and looked around aimlessly.

On the desk, the Clivia plant she had given him caught her eye.

"Oh, it's still alive! I didn't expect you to keep it thriving like this!"

Jean wanted to smile, "Do I seem like a plant killer to you? Besides, didn't you keep reminding me not to let it die?"

Neera laughed, "I underestimated you..."


The next morning, as agreed, Neera went to Grace Hospital.

At the same time, the Beauvort couple set off as well.

Kyra met them at the hospital entrance.

"Aunt Wrenn, these are supplements I had my friends abroad specifically buy for you. Although you've recovered, it's still important to take care of your health."

She didn't miss any opportunity to make a good impression, linking her arm with Wrenn's and offering her concern.

As she observed Kyra, Wrenn found her more and more understanding and was growing increasingly satisfied with her.

As the three were preparing to enter the hospital, both Jean and Ian arrived.

Kyra didn't expect him to come, so her surprise was evident as she greeted him.

"Jean, you're here."

Jean gave her a side glance, asking with a hint of detachment, "And why is Ms. Marks here?"

Kyra's smile froze briefly, and she had to explain, "I've heard about Dr. Nancy's reputation, so I especially accompanied Aunt Wrenn to see her."

Jean's annoyance at her presence was evident.

He didn't pay much attention to her and, after a glance, turned his focus to his parents, offering a simple greeting, "Dad, Mom."

His visit today was mainly to see his mother's motive.

As for Nancy's treatment, he hadn't considered it.

Wrenn snorted, still clearly upset, and didn't respond.

Frederic simply nodded, "It's almost time, let's all head in."

The group entered the hospital and made their way directly to Isabella's office.

Isabella had been waiting inside.

Seeing Kyra tagging along, Isabella didn't hold much favor for her.

"Mr. Frederic, Madam, please have a seat."

After a brief greeting, she instructed her assistant to bring coffee, intentionally ignoring Kyra as if she weren't even present.

Being disregarded didn't sit well with Kyra, and her brow furrowed in slight annoyance.

However, considering that members of the Beauvort family were present, she refrained from losing her temper and held her frustration in check.

Wrenn got straight to the point, "When will Nancy arrive? Are you sure she'll be able to make it?"

Isabella responded in a calm tone, "Absolutely, I've made an appointment with her for 10 o'clock, and she'll be here on time."

Satisfied with the affirmative response, Wrenn's worries were eased.

At 9.55 am, a knocking sound echoed through the room.

Both the Beauvort family and Kyra perked up, their gazes turning collectively toward the door.

Isabella's reaction remained composed as she walked over to open the door with a smile, "It must be Nancy, please come in.


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