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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 529

Dandy was shocked and said, "She’s Nancy. How could it be? How is that possible?"

Kyra replied, "Why not? She flaunted her credentials! I regretted so much of my idea! Because of my idea, Neera became the only one who could treat Jean! I not only failed to bring Neera down but also helped her gain her reputation!

Dandy was visibly frustrated since her expectations were dashed. She said, "Neera is so cunning! She hid her identity on purpose! Was she waiting for the right moment to reveal it and gain favor from the Beauvort family? What a bastard!"

Kyra was agitated and exclaimed, "If that's the case, she got what she wanted. For now, I might have to put aside my plans with Jean. Aunt Wrenn and Mr. Frederic might compromise because of Jean's condition and not force a divorce between Jean and Neera."

Dandy frowned and said, "So what now? Are you going to give up?"

That question seemed to irritate Kyra. Kyra’s face turned gloomy, and she said, "Why should I? Neera should be the one to step back."

Dandy knew she was not about to give in. Then she said, "What's your plan? The current situation is just too unfavorable for us."

Kyra had already thought of something. She said, "If Jean won't support me, I can support myself! Regardless, I won't let this go so easily."

Kyra looked somehow gloomy.

Kyra sneered and said, "Even if I can't marry into the Beauvort family, I won't let Neera or the Beauvorts have an easy time. At the very least, I'll leave something for the media and the internet. If the Beauvort family crosses a line in the future, I'll use it to my advantage."


The news that "Kyra was in the hospital" trended unexpectedly that afternoon.

On the internet.

"What's this about? Someone, please explain. Is this just for attention?"

"I remembered that before Kyra joined Star Entertainment Media, she had been off for work frequently. Is she unwell?"

"Kyra is already famous enough. Why does she even need attention by creating news like this?"

Suddenly, a comment stood out. "I saw her at Grace Hospital this morning. I thought I saw it wrong, but it turned out to be true. She was there with a couple."

"Hey, don’t go away yet. What’s going on? Is Kyra doing well?"

"How could this happen? Is Kyra really not feeling well?"

"Finish your sentence; what’s going on?"

Ten minutes later, the same person earlier commented, "She looks fine, but just a little strange. But beside her were Mr. Frederic and Madam Beauvort from the Beauvort Group!"

The revelation caused quite a stir online, with many commenters eagerly questioning its authenticity.

"That's true," the person replied. "At first, I didn't recognize it. It was only when I saw some media posting photos that I was sure." Then, she shared a link to the news.

"They even got a photo of Mr. Frederic! What's going on?"

"Could it be that Kyra went to the hospital with Mr. Frederic and Madam Beauvort because she's pregnant?"

"I thought I was the only one thinking that!"

"Seriously? Kyra is becoming a mother? I am surprised!"

"Weren't there rumors that Mr. Beauvort's girlfriend was Ms. Garcia? How did it switch to Kyra? And she's pregnant?"

"Those were just unconfirmed rumors. Moreover, nobody said that Mr. Beauvort's girlfriend wasn't Kyra."

For a while, there was a lot of discussion online. Even the phrase "Kyra Jean is soon to be married" trended.


In the evening, as Neera was getting off work, she received a call from Isabella.

"Neera, would you honor me with a romantic dinner?" Isabella said.

Neera laughed and said, "Just ask me out for dinner. Why be so cheesy?"

They agreed and headed straight to the restaurant.

Neera arrived at the restaurant first and noticed the commotion on social media. She instinctively frowned as she saw the news.

At the same time, Jean saw it too. He frowned as well.

"What's this all about? Jean said this and passed the phone to Ian.

Ian took a quick glance and was somehow stunned.

"It seems Ms. Marks went to the hospital with Mr. Frederic and Madam Beauvort this morning and got photographed."

Jean was clearly unhappy. All these rumors about pregnancy and marriage were ridiculous! What’s going on?

Ian knew Jean was upset and quickly said, "Mr. Beauvort, don't be angry. I'll settle this matter right now!"


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