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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 53

He saw hope, and he walked on his way to ask for his father’s help!

In the villa next door, Jean had just arrived at home; he was looking cold and intimidating. He was enraged by Nancy’s behavior. He was entitled since he was from the Beauvort family; he had never been rejected like this. Nancy treated him as if he was nothing! Ian quietly followed behind him; he was trying his best to minimize his existence by remaining silent.

At moments like this, someone was banging hard on the door. Jean’s face was even darker after hearing it. Ian was shivering out of fear, and he was secretly scolding whoever was banging the door. Who is it? This is not the time for it!

He was trembling, yet he had to force himself to open the door. Once he opened the door, a tiny figure dashed in and fell to the ground. Ian was surprised, and he took a few steps behind, only to realize it was one of the triplets next door! He asked, "Why are you here?"

Harvey had a bad fall, but he had no time to lose. He glanced at Ian, and he looked inside and saw Jean. He said pleadingly, "Mr. Handsome, please save Pixie now! It fell into the lake, and it’s drowning!" He panicked, so he did not sound like his usual mature self. Jean’s anger faded seeing his reddened and watery tiny eyes. He frowned and ordered Ian, "Hurry over!" Ian rushed toward the lake.

Harvey tried to get up after seeing someone go after Pixie, but before he could stand, someone carried him up from the ground. He was taken by surprise, and he looked at Jean. "Thank you, Mr. Handsome." He almost addressed him as Daddy," but luckily he reacted quickly and changed his words.

Jean answered calmly, "No problem." He then asked casually, "Where’s your mommy?" Is she not home?"

Harvey answered honestly, "She’s home, but she’s feeling unwell, so she's sleeping. I wanted to wake her up, but I heard your car engine, so I came over here to ask for your help." Jean nodded, and he did not ask more, and he started to look at Harvey. Harvey was wearing an oversize t-shirt and jeans. His pants were dirty from falling to the ground before.

"Are you injured?" Jean asked subconsciously. He shook his head, but he frowned, moaned, and said, "My... My knee hurts." Jean pulled on his pants and saw that his knee had a tiny wound. He frowned even harder and asked, "Is it painful?"

Harvey shook his head and answered obediently, "No, it didn’t hurt that much." Jean was caught by surprise, as he thought that normally a child would scream and cry after falling down.

This kid is strong!

He was amazed by Harvey, and his facial expression softened even more. He then carried him back into his house. "Ian’s saving Pixie; I’ll disinfect your knee for you first."


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