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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 531

After an hour, Neera and Isabella finished the meal and were ready to leave.

As soon as they got to the lobby, they bumped into Philbert.

"Hello, Phil. I didn't expect to meet you here!" Neera was a little surprised.

Philbert nodded and joked with her, "Yes, I have dinner with my friend. Why didn't you invite me for a meal?"

After he said that, Neera remembered that she still owed him a meal.

So she smiled. "You've helped me so much. I'll make another appointment with you."

Philbert took advantage of the situation and said, "Okay, let's book the time. What time do you want?"

Neera thought and answered, "How about tomorrow night?"

"No problem. I'll call you when the time comes." Philbert readily agreed.

After a short meeting, they bid farewell, and Neera soon returned to Imperial Gardens.

In the house, she did not see the triplets. Zuniga came over with a glass of water.

"Ms. Garcia, are you looking for the triplets? They went to find Mr. Beauvort after dinner."

Neera took the water glass, thanked her, and asked, "Why were they going there again?"

Zuniga laughed. "Penny wanted to eat pastries. Harvey pampered her and made several with me. But we made too many. They couldn't wait to send some of them to Mr. Beauvort."

Neera held her forehead and wanted to laugh. These babies always think of Jean in everything.

Next door, Harvey was playing chess with Jean. Sammy and Penny squatted nearby and watched the battle.

Penny dug a spoonful of a small cake and brought it to Jean's mouth. "Uncle Jean, try this! Harvey made it!"

Jean did not like sweets, but he was fed pastries by the triplets tonight. His mouth was full of sweetness.

He opened his mouth helplessly, and the sweetness quickly melted away in his mouth. He twitched his eyebrows slightly and suddenly felt that it was not unacceptable.

Penny was feeding Jean the pastries, but she had another purpose. "Uncle Jean, today I saw many people on the internet talking about you and Ms. Marks as a couple. Is that true?"

Harvey and Sammy could not help but sit up straight when they heard that. It was obvious that they were inquiring about the news this time.

Jean could not help but want to laugh. "It's all nonsense." He flatly denied it.

Sammy was still unsatisfied and asked anxiously, "What about the future? Will you be with her? After all, you and Mommy are in a sham marriage. You two might separate later."

Harvey pursed his lips, stared at Jean intently, and waited for his answer.

When Jean heard that, he felt his heart tighten inexplicably.

"No." He shook his head and stated, "No matter what happens, I won't be with Kyra Marks."

The triplets breathed a sigh of relief. After reading so much on the internet, they thought it was true.

So, the triplets could not wait but took the opportunity of delivering pastries to inquire about it. After they heard Jean's assurance, they were finally relieved and happy.

Penny fed Jean a biscuit again. When Neera came, she happened to see this heartwarming scene.

She walked over and touched helplessly at Penny's head. "Why did you three come here to disturb Jean again?"

The triplets saw her and called out excitedly, "Mommy! Welcome home!"

Neera smiled and turned to look at Jean. "Sorry, they're too clingy. Did they disturb you?"

"It's okay." Jean looked gentle. He glanced at the time and asked her, "Where have you been? Why did you come back late?"

"I went out for a meal with Bell and chatted for a while."

Neera answered while looking at the chess game that was not over yet. "You guys can continue playing. I'll be waiting here."

Jean agreed. After a short pause, Jean and Harvey continued playing chess.

Neera watched the game silently and felt surprised that Harvey had improved and could confront Jean for a long time.

However, after watching for a while, she realized Jean was guiding Harvey intentionally. That was why the game remained deadlocked.

She could not help but glance at Jean. He seemed to sense her gaze, so he raised his eyes, met her eyes, and smiled with interest.

Neera's heart skipped a beat. Why did he suddenly look over and smile so wickedly? He looks so seductive!

Just then, her phone rang, and she was relieved from her shyness. It was Philbert's call.

"Phil, what's the matter?"

She picked up quickly and did not realize that Jean's movements stopped after she spoke.

On the phone, Philbert smiled mildly. "I want to ask you what you want to eat tomorrow night. I'll book a restaurant in advance. Do you want a Francia meal or a Skiystein meal?"


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