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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 552

In the morning, after the regular meeting, Neera summoned Katy.

"Is there any progress on the acquisition of Garcia Group's electronic R&D patent?"

"This morning I had someone call Garcia Group to schedule a face-to-face meeting," Katy said, shaking her head, "but they haven't responded yet."

Neera furrowed her brows.

She reasoned that maybe they're in disarray because Alfonso isn't there, but we need to settle this as soon as possible.

"Get in touch with their current person in charge. We must obtain this patent as soon as possible."

She didn't plan on going all the way, but after last night's incident, she won't back down.

"When you meet them, don't be merciful to them. Garcia Group does not have the capital to be arrogant or negotiate terms with us. Push them harder to lower the price!"

The news of Alfonso's arrest could spread at any time. This will undoubtedly have an impact on the situation at Garcia Group. She must act decisively, and she will not be gentle with them.

Marnie and Gladeon waited for a long time outside the Imperial Gardens. The two were not permitted to enter, and they didn't catch a glimpse of Neera.

Their patience wore thin, and they became increasingly agitated as they waited. They were both frustrated.

They returned home enraged, hungry, and thirsty.

Marnie randomly had something to eat and complained to Susan, "Neera is ungrateful! She even barred us from entering! And Adriana—I've raised her for nothing. She turned her back on her family! I can't help Alfonso and Roze if I can't see them. They are still in detention, and those two can't endure such treatment! Think of something, Susan!"

Susan's ears were hurting, and she had a pounding headache as a result of her complaint.

She had hoped that sending those two to deal with the situation would make things better. However, they proved to be ineffective.

Hiding her impatience, she paced back and forth in the living room, like a cat on a hot tin roof.

She devised a solution after some thought.

"The Fain family is our only hope. Roze is marrying their son soon. How could they stand by while she's in trouble?"

Marnie immediately agreed, "Right! You make an excellent point! Hurry, you need to call them."

Susan creased her brow and called Zachary.

Zachary was impatient after hearing everything, but he still showed her respect. He promised, "Sure. I'll look into it."

He returned the call an hour later.

"It won't work. The Beauvort Group had intervened, forbidding anyone from bailing them out. Nothing we can do will change that fact; they must obey the law. Furthermore, the detention period had been increased from seven days to half a month."

Her heart sank as she received this result after a long wait.

"What?" she exclaimed. "Half a month? The Beauvort Group is such a bully!"

"Anyway, this is the situation. We can only wait."

Zachary casually responded and moved on.

He informed his parents about this when he returned home.

"From what I can tell, Adriana doesn't care about the Garcia Group," Qaylah concluded. "She is determined to leave Neera all of her assets."

Harley snorted scornfully as he looked down on the Garcias.

"Alfonso is useless! He hasn't gotten a single asset from Adriana despite spending so much time and effort. Given the circumstances, Neera is unlikely to spare them or return any assets."

Being a seasoned businessman, he knew how to read the room.

"The Garcias are most likely finished. Zach, do everything you can to put off the engagement with Roxanne."

Zachary scoffed. "Can't we just call it off?"

He had lost interest in Roxanne and had grown increasingly annoyed by her.

Harley shook his head, reasoning, "It's too early to make that decision. Adriana is still a Garcia. If the family finds a way out, we'll be at a loss. Let's wait and see. However..."

He switched his tone, saying, "We should start looking for someone else, someone of equal status, just in case."

Zachary agreed with a nod.

He was with Roxanne for the thrill, after all. He should find someone prettier and more capable now that he had grown tired of her.

For some reason, an image of Neera flashed through his mind as he thought about this.


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