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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 563

Previously, Isabella had been skeptical about Jean being the triplets' father, but to her surprise, it turned out to be true.

Seeing the joy clearly written on the faces of the triplets, she hid her own surprise and got straight to the point.

She asked, "What will you three do now? Will you keep this a secret?"

Disapprovingly, she scowled and added, "Things can't continue in this manner."

The triplets gradually recovered from their thrill and clarified their stance.

"We don't plan to hide it forever. We'll reveal it when Mommy and Daddy truly become a couple."

"Truly become a couple?" Isabella asked, confusion evident in her voice. "What exactly does that entail?"

Sammy immediately explained, "Of course, it means when they truly fall in love with each other."

Harvey nodded and agreed with this point of view.

"That's right. They are currently engaged in a contractual marriage. They aren't together out of love. If Mommy knew he was the person who hurt her back, she would never forgive him."

"Yeah, it's not the right time to dig up old wounds."

The triplets clearly put a lot of thought into their decision.

Isabella felt this compromise was feasible after listening to their point of view.

She was clueless about what had happened initially. After spending some time getting to know Jean, she believed he wasn't a vile man and would never take advantage of someone in a vulnerable situation.

Perhaps the previous incident was a misunderstanding.

Furthermore, based on recent events, it seemed Jean might not even be aware that Neera was the woman he met at the hotel.

Weighing all this, she decided to stand by the triplets' side.

There was another thing that excited her, though.

She recalled how disdainfully Jean's parents regarded Neera and the children. The more they scorned them, the harder the eventual revelation would hit them. She was keenly looking forward to that day.

They quickly came to a decision.

Afterward, Isabella dropped the triplets back at school, resuming the day as if it were just another ordinary one.

That evening, Neera noticed the kids were particularly animated. She asked curiously, "What happened at school today that made you all so giddy?"

Penny and Sammy tried to hide their smiles, lowered their heads closer to their plates, and let out muffled giggles.

Maintaining his usual calm, Harvey quickly offered a cover story, "Oh, nothing much. We've been investing in the stock market lately and have made a little profit."

Neera chuckled when she heard this. She flicked him on the forehead and said, "Getting all worked up over some stocks, huh? Look at you all; each one of you is obsessed with money!"

She then changed her tone and proudly praised them.

"I'm so lucky to have you three as my children. I don't have to stress about finances and providing for the family. My babies are the best! Mommy is proud of you!"

An hour later, Adriana returned home.

Neera was checking her emails while lounging on the couch in the living room.

Hearing the noise, she glanced up and noticed Adriana. Getting up, she said, "Aunt Adriana, how was Slord?"

She stood up to greet her, saying, "Aunt Adriana, how was your trip to Slord?"

Adriana, noting her niece's playful tone, replied with a smirk, "Not bad."

After that, she shifted to a helpless demeanor as she recalled something.

"Neera, there's a pressing issue at our overseas office that requires my attention. I may need to depart sooner than expected."

Neera's cheerful demeanor diminished a bit. She asked, "Is everything alright?"

Adriana shook her head and reassured her, "It's not a crisis, but I've been away for some time, and things are a bit shaky there. I must return."

Neera understood that they could not let the company be leaderless for a long time.

Adriana's presence in the company was still crucial, even though she was the heir to the ANXIN Group.

She understood this, but she was still reluctant for her aunt to leave.

"Already heading back? It feels like you've barely had a moment to relax since you got here. I'm hoping to spend more time with you, but you're leaving again," Neera lamented.

She clung to Adriana's arm, her spirits visibly lowered.

Adriana patted her hand lovingly and tenderly. She consoled her niece, "Don't be sad. Once things settle down, I promise to return. And if you ever get a break, you can always come and visit."

Neera nodded, a little dejected.

"What about him?" she inquired.

Adriana knew exactly who she was referring to. Her gaze softened, and she smiled tenderly.

"As for him, we can keep in touch remotely. If he's serious, he can follow me abroad. I won't avoid him."

Sensing Adriana's good mood, Neera believed that things between her aunt and 'him' might be progressing in a promising direction.

She felt relieved when she realized her aunt had finally found someone who cared for her.

As for the Garcias, it didn't matter to her because her aunt didn't care about them.

The triplets were very fond of Adriana. After they took their bath, they were adamant about sharing the bed with her for the night.

In the big bed, the three children gathered around Adriana, voicing their concerns.

"Grandaunt, make sure you're eating properly and getting enough sleep when you're overseas."

"Don't push yourself too hard. You have to rest, no matter how busy you are with work."

"We're going to miss you so much, Grandaunt. Please ring us whenever you can."

Adriana's heart melted as she heard these childish words.


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