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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 57

"But I'm not worried about being found by the Beauvort family." Neera continued to say, "They might be scary, but they're asking for my help after all. So, they won't be doing anything to me, right?" She reassured herself. "I'll just face whatever comes!"

Isabella felt that she was actually right, so she did not make more comments. "Alright, are you feeling better?"

Neera said with a smile, "Yes, how's the patient doing? Does the patient wake up?"

"No, but the condition is looking good now." She continued to say, "I hope that the patient can wake up in twenty-four hours, and I can finally relax by then."

"Do update me if anything happens." They spoke for a while and only hung up the phone.

Neera did not forget what she wanted to do; she called the workers to install a fence for her.

It was already dark by the time the workers were done installing the fence.

She paid them, and then she went to prepare dinner for the kids. And then she accompanied the triplets to play puzzles. The puzzles were difficult, as there were ten thousand pieces. They were chatting and discussing how to complete the puzzles.

Ian arrived at her house at night, and Harvey recalled what happened in the afternoon as he saw him. "Mommy, Mr. Assistant is the one that saved and dried Pixie's fur.

Neera nodded to Ian and said, "Thanks for helping us out today.

Ian waved and said politely, "It's not a big deal; you don't have to worry about it." He suddenly changed the topic and said, "Ms. Neera, are you free to have the second session with Mr. Beauvort today?"

Neera was taken aback, and she asked, "What's wrong? Is he feeling unwell again?"

Ian replied, "Yes. His mood wasn't good today. He's having a headache now. He might need your help. Can you please go with me now?"

She was actually worn out after the operations today, so it was difficult for her to be treating another patient right now. But that man next door was an exception, and she still owed him favors. So she had to agree to it. "Okay, I'll go and check him up, and then I'll only decide if she needs treatment or not."

"Okay." Ian said, "Thanks for your help!"

Neera casually waved her hand, and she turned around and said to the triplets, "Babies, I'm going to visit next door. Please have fun and play. And I shower and sleep first if I'm not home late. Okay?"

Three of them were excited to hear her words. It's a good thing for Mommy to meet with Daddy! Maybe they'll get together if they see each other more!

They nodded and answered, "Okay, Mommy!"

Neera went next door with Ian, and she saw Jean laying against the bed resting.


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