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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 59

But Jean really looked like he was casually chatting with her. She could not see anything wrong with him, so she just let it go. "Oh, nothing much. I’m just helping my aunt manage some properties. She has her own companies, and there are some branches in our country. Yet she’s always overseas, so she assigns me to manage some work for her in our country."

He pondered after hearing her words, and he did not think she was suspicious anymore. It seems like I’m overthinking! Neera might be able to treat patients, but she shouldn’t be Ms. Nancy.

There were too many coincidences happening recently, and she had excellent medical skills, so he somehow connected her to Nancy. He put aside every suspicion she had before, and he stopped looking into this topic anymore. He changed the topic by saying, "I saw that your face looked pale in the hospital; are you okay?"

She did not expect him to be concerned for her; she blinked as she massaged him. "It’s nothing; I’m used to it. Sometimes I will feel unwell like this, and I didn’t sleep well yesterday." After all, she chatted all night with Isabella; she was lacking sleep.

He totally believed her now, as Harvey told him that Neera used to bleed non-stop when she gave birth and that her body was severely harmed. Yet, this was not great news for him. He really thought that Neera might be low-profile; it turned out that she was not related to Nancy at all. He had no leads now, and it seemed that he had to work harder to find that woman.

They stopped talking, so there was a silence between them. Neera saw that he stopped asking, so she just focused on massaging his head. He gulped as he looked at how serious she was. I've got to admit that she has a massage technique.

He did not have a headache, but he felt relaxed after being massaged. He could see that she was indeed tired, and he felt guilty as he thought of her not having had enough rest. He pursed his lips and said in a lowered voice, "Thank you so much for today; I feel better now. You should go back to rest."

She did not stop and answered seriously, "It’s okay, it’s just five more minutes to go. I have to complete a series of massages in order to make your head relax and also improve your sleep tonight." She had a habit of always finishing what she had started.

Jean raised an eyebrow and remained silent. Neera was not talking either. After a while, she glanced at his eyelashes, and she was captivated. He has such long eyelashes that not even women have lashes like him. They’re even prettier than women’s eyelashes. And his eyes—they're like the bright, nice sky—are breathtakingly beautiful.

She suddenly lost her mind and touched his eyelashes. The two of them were stunned! The time seemed to have stopped, and the atmosphere between them was getting steamy. They stared at each other; one of them looked stunned, and the other was smug.

After a while, she regained her senses. And she felt so dumb after realizing what she had done!


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