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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 61

Neera felt a bit uneasy.

She said, "I’m tired. I won’t accompany you tonight. Go to bed early, okay?"

She hurriedly went upstairs.

It seemed doubtful to the triplets.

They sat down on the carpet and started whispering.

Harvey said, "Mommy is acting strange. Something must have happened on Daddy’s side."

Penny nodded and said, "Mommy must be embarrassed!"

Sammy mumbled, "Should we plan a date for them?"

Harvey and Penny fell into contemplation.

Harvey said, "We should consider it."

Penny raised her hand and said, "I’ve been researching for these days! There are a few perfect spots to build a closer relationship!"

"Where are the spots?"

Penny counted on her finger while saying, "First, a concert. Second, a movie theater. Third, a romantic restaurant, Four, a playground!"

She continued to say, "Of course, we have to be in the fourth place. Or else Daddy probably wouldn’t go to such a place in his lifetime!"

Harvey and Sammy agreed and finalized the plan.

"Let’s start with the first one! We’ll try them one by one. Even if there's no opportunity, we can create one!"


Penny excitedly said, "Tomorrow night, a famous Vienna symphony orchestra is holding a concert at the grand theater! Mommy likes them. Let’s book the tickets now!"

The following day, Neera received a letter with the concert ticket.

She looked at it and confusedly said, "I don’t remember buying concert tickets. Where did this come from?"

The triplets immediately spoke up, "We booked it! You just finished a major surgery; you should relax."

"I checked online. This concert will be grand, but we could only get one ticket."

Neera hesitated momentarily and said, "Since there's only one ticket, maybe I shouldn't go. It wouldn't be right to leave you guys at home."

"No way!"

"Mommy, you don't need to worry about us. You should get a rest."

Neera felt warm-hearted after listening to their words and eventually accepted their invitation.

During the lunch break, the triplets went to find Jean.

"Uncle Jean, You saved Pixie and even bandaged my brother. You’re our savior! This concert ticket is a small token of our appreciation; we hope you'll accept it!"

"Uncle Jean, you must go! We'll meet at the theater!"

"I'll see you at the theater."

Jean had no other choice and accepted the ticket.


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