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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 70

Ian was surprised when he saw this scene. He never thought Jean would personally carry her.

He silently complained in his heart. What was wrong with Mr. Beauvort?

However, he remained silent and quickly went to prepare the car.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the hospital.

Jean was still carrying Neera while Ian called a doctor over to check her condition.

After a short while, the doctor came back with the diagnosis.

"It's a cold and fever caused by catching a chill. The fever is quite high, and the best option is an intravenous drip."

The doctor prepared the intravenous drip, and ten minutes later, Neera was hooked up to it. The triplets stayed by her side the whole time. They are worried and waiting for Neera to wake up.

Jean stood by the window.

Since he entered the room, his phone kept vibrating with important messages. He could just leave the room.

However, when he saw the triplets waiting obediently, he could not bear to leave them here.

Moreover, Neera had not woken up yet.

Jean hesitated and told Ian, "Postpone all my schedule for today."

Ian was even more astonished by his words.

Mr. Beauvort was truly a workaholic who rarely deviated from his schedule.

But, he had exceptionally decided to delay his schedule...

It seemed like the triplets were really important!

However, it could also be that Neera was still helpful to Mr. Beauvort, which was why he was so kind.

Ian concealed his thoughts and quickly settled the matter.

After about three to four hours, Neera finally woke up. She seemed to have gotten better. She was stunned when she opened her eyes and saw the unfamiliar surroundings.

Neera only realized she was in the hospital when she saw the triplets excitedly gathered around her. She was surprised and said, "How did I end up in the hospital? Who brought me here?"

Then she suddenly noticed Jean...

Did he bring me here?

The triplets quickly explained what had happened to her.

"Mommy, we were so worried. Thanks to Uncle Jean, he carried you to the hospital for treatment!"

Neera hadn't expected Jean to be so kind-hearted. She thanked him softly.

Jean casually replied, "No need to thank me. I just don't want anything to happen to you and interfere with my treatment."

Neera was speechless.

She knew that kindness was an illusion.

Soon, the doctor came and reexamined her.

The doctor prescribed some medication and allowed Neera to go home.

However, her body was still weak. She felt dizzy when she got out of bed and almost fell to the ground.

At a crucial moment, Jean quickly held her!


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