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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 75

Neera could not help but laugh at Joanna’s attitude. She did not bother to explain anything to Joanna.

She really did not hide anything…

She even dared to complain in front of me. How dare she?

Neera remained silent and looked at Ian.

Ian said, "Joanna, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand! Ms. Garcia moved in next door a few days ago. Moreover, Ms. Garcia had already started giving Mr. Beauvort treatment. So I hope you’ll treat her with respect in the future."

Joanna was stunned and could not believe what she heard.

Joanna said, "She has started treating Mr. Beauvort? Did he agree to that? How is that possible?"

Ian frowned and said, "Why is it not possible? He did agree, and you have no right to question or doubt it!"

"No, that's not what I meant..."

Joanna quickly shook her head to explain and began to panic.

No wonder Mr. Beauvort did not call me over these days; it was all because of her! After suffering for so long, how can I just hand over the opportunity?

She was afraid that her position would be replaced.

Joanna said, "Ian, we are still Mr. Beauvort's professional medical team. Ms. Garcia might be unable to heal him due to his complex condition. We must be extremely cautious about the illness!"

She said softly, "So, could you inform Mr. Beauvort? Let us comprehensively examine his condition so that everyone can be reassured."

Joanna was smart. She knew being too aggressive would not work.

Ian did not reject her and passed on the message. However, he felt that the chances were quite low.

"Alright, wait here for a moment," Ian said, walking inside the house.

Neera remained silent and did not bother to care. If he believed Joanna's words and gave up on my treatment. I would be more than happy to be relieved of this burden! There wouldn't be much loss either way.

Thinking of this, she turned around to leave.

However, Joanna shouted, "Stop right there!"

Neera stared at her and said, "Is there anything else?"

Joanna said, "I had no idea what you had done. But I will never let go of my position! Leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless."


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