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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 78

Neera was stunned as she heard this voice. The voice was unmistakably Roxanne! Her pretentious tone gave me goosebumps. Without looking, it must be Zachary beside her. I can’t believe I met those bastards here! What kind of luck am I having?

Zachary said, “Consider this car your birthday gift, as long as you like it. Driving this car will also make us feel proud too!”

Roxanne felt excited and pondered. Recently, I felt miserable since Dr. Nancy did not give me treatment for my illness. Isabella was simply uncooperative too. No matter what I said, Isabella would not tell me anything about Dr. Nancy. I complained several times to Zachary too.

Zachary promised to solve the matter for her. However, he could not even meet Dr. Nancy.

He felt somehow embarrassed.

So, Zachary decided to buy the car that Roxanne liked.

However, they did not expect to see someone familiar. Isn’t that Neera?

Zachary felt somehow excited. Roxanne’s face immediately turned gloomy when she saw Neera.

Roxanne said, “What a coincidence to meet you here!”

Neera felt disgusted too. This idiot, how come she always says the same thing when they meet? I was too lazy to talk with them and continued to walk around.

Roxanne was agitated as she saw Neera’s reaction. How dare Neera treat me like this? She is just someone who the Garcia family abandoned.

Roxanne said, "Are you here for this car? Unfortunately, Zach already bought this car for me! You probably can't afford it."

Zach seemed to be proud. Since Neera had returned, she never treated me properly. Now, will she regret it?

Zach looked at her expression and hoped to see disappointment or sadness on her face.

However, Neera just felt annoyed and remained silent.

Roxanne became even angrier as she observed Neera's reaction. How can she still be so calm? Who does she think she is? I had to teach her a lesson today!

Roxanne said coldly to the manager, "What's wrong with your dealership? How can you allow anyone in without proper screening? It's crucial to assess customers based on their purchasing power; otherwise, your dealership's standard will be downgraded!"


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