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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 83

"Uncle Jean, what brings you here as well? Did you accompany Mommy to pick us up from school?" When the triplets saw Jean in the car, they greeted him with surprised expressions. When Jean met the triplets, his heart softened. He nodded at the time. Penny was the most excited. "Mommy, why did you come with Uncle Jean?" she asked while taking Neera's hand.

Neera responded calmly, "I happened to meet him, and we came together." After speaking, Neera asked about the schoolbag again. Speaking of that, the triplets opened their schoolbags one by one while smiling glumly. Neera then noticed that it was loaded with snacks! "It's all from the classmates. We rejected it at first, but they kept plugging it in."

"And the one who shouted to send flowers to Penny just now, as soon as he saw Penny in the morning, he asked her to marry him when she grew up!" Sammy said.

When Neera heard that, she couldn't help but laugh. "Not bad; it seems that Penny is very popular."

"Harvey and Sammy were also quite well-liked. Two girls almost fought when they rushed to give them chocolate in the morning. I don't want to marry that boy since he isn't attractive." Penny added.

"Do you like handsome ones?" asked Lan, who was sitting in the front row.

"Are you still considering getting married to Sire? You did say that when we first met, right?" Neera glanced surprisingly at Jean because she wasn't expecting this to happen before.

"You can't marry me", Jean said to Penny without expressing much more emotion. "We are too far off in age. But also, don't get married to that kid. You'll hit him if he shouts like this the next time," said Jean. He happened to overhear what the kid said to Penny. He unintentionally adopted a fatherly figure. He would certainly teach that child a lesson and keep him away from Penny if she were his daughter!

Neera was speechless. She warned Jean, "Stop setting a bad example for Penny!" She gently corrected her after speaking,

"Baby, don't listen to him. Be friendly to your classmates at school, and you can't hit people casually! You have to be polite and express gratitude. Stay away if you don't like them. But you cannot harm others; do you understand that?" Penny shook her head and said, "Don't worry, Mommy, I won't." Neera was satisfied. Neera brought the triplets inside after arriving home.

On Jean's side, his mother called and requested that he return to the mansion for dinner. He answered the phone, then ordered Lan to drive to the mansion.

The Beauvort family’s mansion was located south of Kingsview. The architecture was magnificent, similar to a palace. Frederic and a woman were already waiting for Jean when he arrived. Jean's father, Frederic, had a strong aura because he had been in a high position for a long time. The woman was his mother, Wrenn Leyva.

Wrenn was sixteen years younger than Frederic, and she was his second wife. She was born beautiful, sweet, and gorgeous. Even though she was middle-aged, she was still stunning. Her reputation and influence inside the Beauvort Group were once greater than Mr. Frederic's. When she saw Jean arriving, Wrenn said, "Jean, come here!" Jean came over and greeted everyone before taking a seat.

"Did you lose weight again?" asked Frederic after taking a look at him. Jean was familiar with this phrase. Wrenn always said this when he came back. "Mom, I have taken proper care of myself," he said calmly.


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