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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 92

Zuniga was successfully persuaded by them.

The triplets went straight to the front desk and said, "Hello! Pretty lady!"

The receptionist couldn’t resist their charms; she smiled softly and asked, "Hello there. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Sammy asked cutely, "Can you tell us which floor the wedding banquet of the Beauvort family and the Garcia family is on?"

Penny was a sweet talker, "We are the relatives of the bride’s family; we are here to see the venue in advance. Please tell us; you are the best!"

The receptionist was fooled by their cuteness; she answered, "Mr. Beauvort and Ms. Roxanne's wedding banquet will be arranged in the banquet hall on the third floor. You can reach there by taking the elevator."

The triplets were surprised that the wedding was true but puzzled at the same time. Did she say the bride’s name was Roxanne? What does it have to do with Roxanne?

Harvey asked again, "Are you sure it’s Roxanne?"

The receptionist smiled and said, "Yes, I am. That’s what is written on the invitation card." The triplets thanked her again and left in confusion.

Sammy and Penny questioned, "Harvey, isn’t the wedding between Mommy and Daddy?"

Harvey said, "Based on my analysis, it’s probably Roxanne who refused to marry Daddy. Which is why they kidnapped Mommy to marry him instead."

Sammy and Penny said, "If that's the case, should we rescue Mommy?"

The Garcia family accidentally did something good. They matched Mommy and Daddy up! The triplets had given up their plan to get Mommy out.

Zuniga overheard everything, and she was puzzled. Why are they hesitating to save their mother now? Who is the dad they were talking about? She said, "We should save Ms. Garcia! She is illegally imprisoned, and the Garcia family is committing a crime now! Let’s call the police immediately!" She wanted to call 110, but the triplets stopped her.

"Auntie Zuniga, hold on a second. We knew that the Garcia family’s intention was evil. However, Mommy is marrying Daddy!” Penny said, looking perplexed.

Zuniga was startled by the word ‘daddy’ and said, "Who is the daddy you guys are talking about? What’s going on here?" She knew that Neera was a single mother; she had never heard of her husband!

Harvey quickly explained, "Mommy was pregnant by accident; she didn’t know about Daddy’s existence. We had discovered that Mr. Beauvort is our daddy! We want them to be together! We want our family to be complete! Mommy didn't know about this, though, and we had no intention of telling her. Auntie Zuniga, you must keep this a secret."

Zuniga was astounded by the information. Seeing their pleading eyes, she couldn’t stop them at all.


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