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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 98

Neera was enraged. "What are you doing? Where are you taking me?" She nearly tore her veil off.

The bodyguards replied politely, "Ms. Garcia, don't worry, we are from the Beauvort family. We won't harm you! We are here to take you to the bridal chamber. We tied you up on the order of Mr. Alfonso, who was afraid that you would run away."

Neera recognized the situation right away. But… How on earth can anyone bind a bride to the bridal chamber? How rough and violent they are! The Beauvort family is the richest family in Kingsview; aren’t they ashamed of doing this?

Neera wished she could kick these folks, but it was useless struggling. She could only reluctantly follow the bodyguards out of the room. Neera was sent to Villa No. 1 in the Imperial Gardens, and she had no idea about it.


Jean rushed back from Clareston at three in the afternoon. He went directly to the company to solve the hacking incident.

Frederic scolded him as soon as he saw him, "How did you dare to come back?"

Jean nodded calmly. "Assuming nothing happened to the company today, you shall only meet me tomorrow."

Frederic wished he could beat him up and yelled, "Brat! Stop pissing me off!" There were priorities; the company is what matters right now. He held back his anger for the time being and urged, "Hurry up and find out what’s going on. Try to minimize the company’s losses!"

Jean went to the technical department, and the technicians tried to salvage the lost data.

They reported, "Mr. Beauvort, it seems that we were just being tricked. This hacker doesn’t seem to be malicious; he set up an interception program, and as long as we decipher it, our data is back automatically!"

Jean had never expected this to happen. The firewall of Beauvort’s Network was the best in the world. The hacker broke in and did nothing. I don’t believe it. After careful inspection, he found out that the hacker stole nothing. The hacker went through the Beauvort Network, and that’s all he did.

Jean was, in fact, amazed by the interception program set up by the hacker. The talents of the Beauvort Group took hours to decipher his program, and they failed to track the hacker down.

Jean laughed, "He is talented! Ian, find a way to contact this hacker. I am interested in recruiting him." It would be a waste to let a talent slip by.


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