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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1283

At the hospital, Elizabeth busts open the door of the ward, screaming in panic, “Someone, come quick! My son is gone!”

Her voice echoed throughout the entire special VIP floor.

Doctors and nurses immediately rushed over, confused by the empty room. Elizabeth grabbed hold of a doctor and shook him hard. “Where’s my son?!”

The doctor replied awkwardly, “Madam, I…uh…I really have no idea…”

Elizabeth glared at him. “My child has gone missing in your hospital. What are we going to do?”

“Madam, how could Mr. Harper just disappear? He probably went somewhere... Let's check the surveillance.”

The footage showed Damon leaving the hospital and never returning.

Elizabeth's face turned ashen as she tried calling Damon again, only to find his phone was off. “This is giving me a headache! Where the hell did he go?!”

As Elizabeth returned to the ward, she saw Nathan sneaking out of Damon's room.

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes. “Nathan, stop right there!”

Nathan stopped instantly. He slowly turned around, plastering a smile on his face. “Mom, what are you doing here?”

Elizabeth looked at him irritably. “Cut the crap, what were you doing sneaking around? Where’s your brother?”

Nathan looked lost. “My brother’s missing? I didn’t see him in the ward, I thought he went for a walk.”

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes at him. “Are you doing this on purpose? You were here last night. Now you’re playing dumb?”

“I...I fell asleep last night, and when I woke up, he was gone…”

Elizabeth felt a twitch in her eyelid, and she smacked Nathan several times. “You’re an adult, yet you can’t even keep an eye on your brother! Why did I even give birth to you? What good are you!?”

Nathan was tall and lanky, but hunched over, protecting his head from the blows, crying out in pain. “Ouch, Mom! Stop…”

Was he born to look after his brother?

“My brother’s a grown man, what could possibly happen to him?”

“Your brother…he’s injured! What if he accidentally hurts himself? You guys are driving me insane…” As Elizabeth got more and more frustrated, she continued to hit Nathan. Nathan just took the hits, enduring his mother’s onslaught.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch…”

Even though she was hitting Nathan, she knew how hard to hit. She knew her son could easily avoid her if he wanted to.

So, even if Presley sometimes drove her crazy, she would still tolerate it. Because the other three men in the house doted on her and always sided with her.

Sometimes she couldn’t stand it and had arguments with Presley, and she knew it was wrong to treat her elders this way. She could tolerate anything, but not when it came to her happiness and her children's happiness.

Whether other people called her selfish or ungrateful, if anyone tried to hinder their happiness, she would never agree!

Finally, when she was too tired to continue, she let Nathan go. “Tell me! Where the hell did your brother go?”


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