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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1285

Chloe felt as if her heart had stopped.

"Why..." Rose was puzzled.

"Ever heard of phantom pregnancies?"

Chloe turned as white as a sheet. Rose's face also fell.

"A phantom pregnancy is when a woman shows symptoms of being pregnant, like missed periods, and morning sickness. Even movements and swelling in the belly is felt, when she actually isn't pregnant. An ultrasound won't show a baby. Most times, it's because the woman wants to be pregnant so badly, or because of certain diseases."

"But the pregnancy test..."

"If pregnancy tests were 100% accurate, why would we have to come to the hospital for a check?"

Chloe and Rose's faces paled. The doctor glanced at them and sighed. "Don't sweat it. The kid will come when it's ready. Let's do the check now."

Without a word, they followed the doctor out of the room. With every test, Chloe was on pins and needles, and her heart felt heavy. She was terrified that all her excitement and anticipation would end up being for nothing.

Waiting for the results was even more excruciating. She was all over the place. She was kind of glad she hadn't told Damon about the pregnancy last night. If it turned out she wasn't pregnant, disappointment would be an understatement.

But she'd rather face the disappointment alone, than have Damon share it with her. She couldn't bear to see disappointment on his face.

Seeing Chloe's nervousness, Rose stepped up and put her arms around her. "Don't sweat it, what's gonna come will come."

Chloe buried her face in Rose's shoulder, her voice muffled. "Now I get why Damon didn't tell me he was hurt."

Because he didn't want her to worry, didn't want her to be unhappy, and didn't want her to see him in pain. Just like how she didn't want to see him disappointed.

Rose patted her shoulder gently. "You two love each other so much. Only someone who truly loves you would want to see you happy, and not want to see you hurt, sad, or disappointed."

Chloe nodded, that was true. She had been angry with Damon for lying to her last night, but now, she was glad she had also kept something from him.

The door opened as Chloe was anxiously waiting, and Chloe and Rose immediately looked at the doctor.

The doctor had seen many such reactions and gave a faint smile, saying, "Please wait a moment longer, we'll do an ultrasound soon."

Wait a bit more. Chloe was so nervous her mind was blank. She didn't understand what the doctor meant.

She looked at Rose, only to see Rose's face light up with joy as she hugged her tightly, shouting, "Chloe!"


"You're pregnant, you're really pregnant!"

Chloe couldn't process this information. She was in a daze, but her eyes were already welling up. "What did you say?"

"You're pregnant, you're really pregnant!"

She was pregnant? But the doctor didn't say...


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