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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1312

Miles' words turned Beverly Rogers as pale as a ghost, and the surrounding snickers made her wish for a hole to crawl into.

Seeing Beverly so humiliated, Luisa sprang up from her seat. "Miles, don't belittle Beverly just because you couldn't win her over! Remember how hard you were chasing her?"

Miles chuckled. "I just didn't see clearly back then. But I'm grateful for the past; it showed me your true colors."

Miles' words left everyone speechless, and the surrounding laughter made them feel even more embarrassed. He didn't linger, turning around and heading straight backstage.

"What a snob. I can't wait for Jacob to win the championship and see what you do then."

"What a waste of time. Miles stands no chance!"

"Beverly, don't worry too much. Let's see how Jacob avenges you."

Chloe, hearing the indignant chatter around her, quietly picked up a fashion magazine from the chair and started reading.

Time ticked by. Thankfully, the venue was comfortably warm. Half an hour later, the competition officially began.

When the theme "bridal" was announced, Chloe immediately thought of the news she'd heard about Jacob and Beverly getting married.

But she quickly dismissed her doubts. Maybe it was a coincidence, or the theme was inspired by their news. "Bridal" as a theme was indeed a great idea.

The stage was large, with all the photography equipment and stage lights ready. The competitors were all in their positions.

Each competitor's station on the stage was separate, everyone had their own dressing room, and everyone's makeup techniques and looks were top secret. Only during close-ups would a camera shoot and a commentator explain.

"Alright, everyone, cool your jets. Now, models, please change your outfits. This is a crucial step. Makeup should go with suitable dress. That's true perfection... Please, models in beautiful wedding dresses, hurry back to your makeup artists. Let them work their magic and transform you into the most beautiful bride in the world..."

The host's voice was pleasant, his pace slow. Paired with beautiful music, it created a unique atmosphere.

The stage curtains slowly closed, and with the beautiful music and the host's soothing voice, they slowly opened again.

Each cubicle on the stage was enclosed. Random shots appearing on the big screen only showed the model's face and the makeup artist's skilled hands.

The competition was full of mystery and beauty, making everyone present yearn for and become curious about a beautiful marriage.

In such an environment, Chloe began to look forward to what kind of dress she should wear and what kind of makeup she should put on for her wedding with Damon. Her mind was full of Damon's tall and upright figure.

The wait was long. Chloe, bored at the foot of the stage, started checking the stock market on her phone. Soon, however, she smelled a fragrance wafting over, and the empty seat beside her was filled.


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