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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1324

Who else could be in the room beside Chloe? His face darkened instantly, his tight lips making him seem intimidating.

He glanced at his watch; it was already past ten. At this hour, that woman should have been asleep.

He stood there for a long time, clueless about what he had done wrong to have been barred from his own room. Finally, he left with a cold face.

Damon returned to his study, sat on the sofa for a long time, deeply pondering what exactly had gone wrong before tonight.


She had intended to wait for Damon to knock on the door but fell asleep due to a sudden bout of sleepiness.

She woke up in the middle of the night, still having things on her mind. She felt a sense of emptiness, knowing that Damon was living under the same roof but not beside her when she slept, making her feel somewhat lost.

She sighed softly, intending to continue sleeping, but suddenly found herself in a warm embrace. Her heart stopped uncontrollably for a moment as she was surprised to see Damon lying next to her in the dark.

Damon, having already finished his night routine, was lying beside her. When she rolled into his arms, he immediately wrapped his arms around her waist, gently pulling her into his embrace.

Chloe blinked, taking a moment to register. "I... I thought I locked the door..."

Damon slowly opened his eyes, looking at her, his deep voice slowly ringing in her ear. "Did you get enough sleep?"

The way he said it, it was clearly a "If you're well-rested, let's have a serious talk" kind of tone.

Chloe's eyes darted around, her mind racing, and then she closed her eyes. "I'm so sleepy, I'm about to fall asleep, snore..."

She even made two exaggerated snoring noises, leaving Damon both amused and exasperated. But it was still the middle of the night, not the time to fuss over things with her. He helplessly kissed her forehead, holding her in his arms, and continued sleeping.


The next morning, Chloe rolled over unconsciously. Feeling the warm chest and familiar scent, she paused her movements.

"Awake?" A deep, husky voice came from above her head.

Her eyelashes fluttered slightly, and in the next second, she closed her eyes again.

Damon, who didn't get a response, watched her face for a while, a slight smile lifting the corners of his mouth. He pulled her back into his arms when she slightly moved away. His hand rested on her waist, patting gently, as if coaxing a child to sleep.

For a moment, Chloe really felt at ease, feeling secure, as if she was about to fall into a deep sleep. But not long after, she felt his hand stop patting her waist, his large palm resting on her waist.

Soon after, she felt his palm gently squeezing her waist, then releasing.

Damon was kneading her waist. She froze, her body tensing up instantly, her breathing deliberately shallower.

Until Damon's slender fingers slowly lifted her pajamas, gently sliding on her skin, she involuntarily trembled slightly, subconsciously wanting to say something, but the thought was immediately suppressed.

If he knew she was awake at this point, he would definitely hold her accountable for locking him out last night, and she wouldn't be able to escape.

First of all, this man would definitely take full advantage of the situation, then settle accounts with her in detail. Like, first kissing her forcefully, kissing until she was dazed...


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