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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1326

Chloe had no clue what she had done that was so amusing, she was just glad her words had an effect. The sensation in her hands was definitely not as thrilling anymore. She breathed a sigh of relief.

After the roller coaster she just went through, Chloe felt like she could accept the reality now. It was just self-comforting, really. Since it was already done, she might as well have continued, right?

With her mindset adjusted, Chloe reached out with her other hand, her moves professional.

Damon's breathing gradually became heavier.

This feeling, Chloe felt it was somewhat familiar. She had done it so many times before, how could it not feel familiar?

At this moment, Damon lifted Chloe's chin. She could only blush and look at him, biting her lower lip, her eyes shyly avoiding his.

"Your technique is quite... skilled?"

Chloe's heart skipped a beat when she heard that. "Biology class..."

Damon chuckled, since when did biology class teach this? He should pay a visit to this special biology teacher when he had time. But for now, that question could wait.

Chloe didn't know what was on Damon's mind, and her hands didn’t stop, obediently continuing. Damon's breathing got heavier, his eyes fixed on her face, full of undisguised lust. "Faster..."

He spoke in a low voice, his hoarse voice filled with desire. It was irresistible.

Chloe didn't even have a chance to feel shy, and the next second he kissed her. A wave of passion surged in Chloe's heart, she leaned in and kissed him back.

In the end, Damon pressed her against the wall, his hands wandering on her body. By the time it was over, Chloe felt like her hands were going to be limp.

What a hard man to please. It took so long!

After Chloe cleaned up, Damon looked refreshed and pulled her downstairs. Chloe seemed a bit tired. She was sitting on the couch just wanting to curl up and sleep again. Damon didn’t stop her, he went into the kitchen.

Chloe was lying on the couch, drowsy; when the smell of food wafted in, she moved her nose like a little puppy, but still didn't get off the couch.

Damon appeared at the dining room door, dressed in casual clothes but still looking noble and eye-catching.

"Let's eat." He said, holding a kitchen towel, elegantly wiping his hands.

Chloe was hugging a pillow, lying in the corner of the couch. She turned her head at the sound, resting her chin on the pillow, slowly blinking her eyes. She opened her mouth and let out a lazy sound. "I'm sleepy."

Her long hair was a bit messy from lying around, and it fell over her shoulders, making her face look even cuter.

Damon slightly tugged at the corner of his mouth, and took long strides towards her. "Aren’t you hungry?"

Chloe lifted her nose again, the smell of breakfast was too tempting. "I'm so hungry. But I really don't want to move."

Damon looked down at the lazy woman on the couch. His thin lips curved into a tender smile that was hard to resist.

Chloe squinted her eyes, looking up at him. "What should I do? I'm so sleepy... and so hungry."

"Do you want to sleep? I can help you eat your food."

"But it's not comfortable to sleep on the couch." Chloe sounded a bit grumpy; after all, it was Damon who insisted on taking her downstairs.

Damon leaned in closer to her, his strong aura overwhelming. "What's wrong with you? You didn't look tired at all in the bathroom just now."

The memory of the bathroom made Chloe blush instantly. She bit her lip; it was impossible to look him in the eye.

Seeing her like this, Damon couldn't help but smile. He took advantage of the situation and picked Chloe up from the couch.


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