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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1334

Cooking up such a feast, he was definitely buttering up Mrs. Harper. But Nate was still in the dark. What the heck had the chubby chef done?

He discreetly peeked at Chloe. She was eyeing the feast, a satisfied look on her face. Where was the damsel in distress from just a moment ago? Was she just playing mind games with Mr. Harper to trick him into sticking around?

"How's it taste?" Damon asked.

Chloe nodded. "Delicious." She glanced at the plate and then quietly looked away.

After a hearty lunch, Chloe looked quite content. Seeing this, the chubby chef finally breathed a sigh of relief. He had dodged a bullet today. But could Mrs. Harper really pack it away like that?

After lunch, Damon had to head back to the office for the afternoon meeting. He reached the doorway when the chubby chef approached him.

"Mr. Harper…"

Damon looked at him nonchalantly and said, "Send me the recipes for everything except the roasted pork chop and boiled chickpeas."

"Sure thing!" The chef quickly agreed.

Damon gave a nod, looked up towards the house one last time before getting into his car.

"Where's Seth staying?" Damon asked.

Nate, who was driving, replied, "Mr. Diaz is always on the move.I'll need some time."

"Make it quick. I want to see him after work today."

"Yes, sir."

No sooner had Damon left, Chloe dialed a number at the office. Before long, job postings from Starlight International were popping up on major websites. The news stirred up quite a buzz among the entertainment media and the bloggers.

"Damn, recruiting at a time like this. Ms. Summers is a real firecracker."

"She's a freakin' genius! Always cool as a cucumber, and now she pulls a move like this. It's a slap in the face for Infinity Media."

"What a joke Infinity Media and Wendy turned out to be. All that hostility, all that pride for being part of the Alonso family and look where it got them. Just a few months in, and Infinity Media is going down the drain."

"Why are we talking about Infinity Media and Wendy when Ms. Summers is hiring? Shouldn't you be rushing to Starlight International to become the next big star?"

"Do you think just anyone can become a star? We ordinary folks should just sit back and enjoy the show."

"I've got my popcorn ready!"

"Got my chair set!"

"I've stocked up on popcorn!"

Within half an hour of the news release, artists and agents were pouring into Wendy's office at Infinity Media.


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