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The Lycan King's Fate Calling novel Chapter 625

Rufus' POV:

As soon as I came out of the military department, I received a message from Sylvia that said that my mother had sent some maids to invite her to the banquet tonight.

I was worried that my mother was going to make things difficult for Sylvia again, so I quickly got in the car and went back to the imperial palace.

When I returned to my residence, I found a group of maids fussing over Sylvia's outfit.

Sylvia turned to look at me when I entered. Smiling, she stood up and gently waved away the maids. When the maids dispersed, she elegantly made her way towards me.

The sapphire blue dress shone brightly against her fair skin. Her waist looked so slender that I felt I could hold it with my two hands. The pearl earrings and her red lips made the perfect match. I was awestruck by her beauty. I hadn't seen her dress up like this for a long time.

It had already been half a year since she first came to the capital city, but I still recalled the first time I took her to a party like it was just yesterday.

"You can go ahead. Prince Rufus and I will be there soon," Sylvia said to the maids calmly.

"Yes, Miss Todd." The maids nodded in unison and left respectfully.

The second the door was closed behind them, Sylvia's facade fell. She held my arm and gestured at her 3-inch heels proudly. "Look! I can walk in high heels now!"

Amused, I touched her nose gently. "Don't your feet hurt?"


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