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The Lycan King's Fate Calling novel Chapter 627

Sylvia's POV:

Holding his suit jacket in one hand, Richard strode into the banquet hall.

His hair, which used to reach his waist, had been cut short, and slightly wavy tufts were casually hung around his ears, which made him look gentle. His new hairstyle managed to mask most of his evilness.

As soon as he strode in, the atmosphere in the banquet hall dropped several hundred degrees.

The warm smile on Laura's face had vanished. She instantly became dignified and reserved.

Even Ethan, who always protected Richard, put down his fork and knife unhappily.

As if he didn't notice the change of the atmosphere, Richard pulled out a chair and sat down. "Why didn't you tell me there was a family dinner? And how could you still call it a 'family dinner' without me?"

Then he gestured at the maids to bring him a set of tableware.

Ethan didn't say anything. After all, Richard was his son. Even if Richard had made big mistakes, he couldn't stop him from eating at their table.

Rufus and I also kept silent and ate the food on our plates without saying a word.

As soon as he was served, the insensible Richard began to ask about Lucy. "I'm her mate. Why can't I see her?"

Ethan's expression darkened. "Don't talk about work during dinner."

Richard refused to give up. "Lucy is my mate and your daughter-in-law. How can she be 'work? It's a family affair, if anything."

With Richard rudely barging into the banquet like this, Rufus and I lost our appetites. We quietly put down our utensils and looked at Richard.


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