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The Lycan King's Fate Calling novel Chapter 630

Rufus' POV:

My father and I waited anxiously while the doctor checked on my mother.

Her fainting had given us all a fright. My father in particular felt very guilty and kept sighing. His old disease, which he had already overcome before, recurred.

I tried to comfort him in an effort to calm him down. I didn't want to see both him and my mother fall.

Sylvia knew what I was thinking and tried to help. She poured a glass of water for my father when he started to cough violently.

Fortunately, after drinking the entire glass, he stopped coughing. Looking at Richard, who was motionless and silent in the corner, he said crossly, "You go back to your place first. I'll deal with you later. Don't you dare do anything rash."

Richard nodded silently and left, not wanting to provoke our father any further.

When the doctor had finished checking on my mother, he turned to my father and said, "The queen had a heart attack from intense anger. She should avoid getting emotionally stressed from now on. Besides, the queen hasn't been in good health the past few years and just recovered from her previous illness. She really can't afford to be stimulated again."

I lowered my head guiltily. My mother's health was in worse shape than I thought.

Soon, she woke up.

We all huddled around her expectantly, but she turned her head away when seeing my father and said coldly, "Get out. I don't want to see you." My father stood beside the bed awkwardly. "Laura..."

She snorted and ignored him.


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