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The Lycan's Rejected Mate (naiah and Amos) novel Chapter 98

Beta Danford's POV

"So we have a situation on our hands and that is about Rhea, Jason, and beta Danford," Juan says.

"Rhea is yet to accept his rejection making her his,"

I almost laughed at this bullshit. Why would the moon goddess give her another mate if she belonged to him?

"He rejected her and the moon mother gave her another her," says Leondre. He is glaring at Jason, making the Alpha's son cower in his seat.

"Well she didn't accept my son, for whatever reason, my son wants her back and now is willing to take back his rejection," the Alpha says.

"No, that's not happening and I won't let her go," I beg to differ, glaring at Jason now.

"I'm taking back my rejection and I'm making Luna of my pack," I stand up and rush to his side, holding him by the neck, he lands a blow on my cheek but I don't let go. His strength is failing him and it was at a disadvantage that he was shorter than me by a few itches.

"Let him go, you'll kill him," King Leondre sighs lazily but he didn't make a move to pacify my anger.

The door opens just as I let Jason down and my mate walks in, she was looking fierce and so damn hot.

"Rhea," I breathe. She didn't acknowledge my presence and it made me shrink. I noticed part of her lip was cut, was she in a fight?

"What are you doing here?" Spat Potter and I growl at the tone he used on her. He visibly flinches back.

Rhea's eyes wander to Anaiah and they seem to have a silent conversation.

She places her hand on her chest and raises one,

"I, Rheana Alvarez, accept your rejection, Jason Potter,"

"No, please, please, NO!" Jason clutched his chest in pain and Alpha Juan stood from his seat, along with his beta.

"What do you mean Rheana Alveraz," Potter's beta growls, at this point, no one cared about Jason who was grunting in pain on the floor.

"Yes, my name is Rheana Alveraz, first daughter of Kennedy and Rochelle Alveraz, and the only surviving heir to the Silver moon pack," my mate exuded confidence when she spoke and I swelled with love and pridefulness, the pride I didn't think I'd feel for a woman, ever!

"Impossible, the Alveraz family is dead and their heir was ... " Realization dawns on their faces, " I asked the Gamma to execute the heir,"

The Alpha charges on Rhea and if I would have been a second too late, he would have killed her. I kick him in the stomach and he goes flying to the tall window, making it crack. The beta lunges at me this time but with a flicker of her hand, Anaiah uses her abilities to push him against the wall by an invisible force.

"Don't dare," growls Leon, getting out of his seat.


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