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The Man in Power After Being Married into Her Family novel Chapter 1478

Claire hurriedly replied, "I got it, Dad. Don't worry about it anymore. Hurry up and eat your dinner!”

Jacob replied earnestly, "I’m just sharing some life experience with you two. This is especially so for you, Claire. You’re so busy with your work every day. You should learn to be more like Charlie. You should be busy with your work when you have to do something, but you should also have to learn to rest. You should pay more attention to your own family. In my opinion, you should take a few days off first. After that, you can go on a short trip with Charlie or something." 7

Charlie spoke up at this time, "Well, Dad, I might have t o go out of state in the next two days."

"You're going out of state?" Jacob asked curiously, "My good son-in-law, where are you going?"

Charlie replied, "I have to make a trip to Eastcliff." 5

"You are going to Eastcliff?" Jacob asked in surprise." What are you going to do in Eastcliff?"

Claire was also a little confused, 7

In her impression, Charlie had never left Aurous Hill i n the past four years since he married her. She did not understand why he was suddenly leaving for Eastcliff, which was a place so far away. 8

In fact, Charlie had not been to many other places.

Some time ago, he had only gone to the border of the Sudbury province because of the Sudbury Beggar Clan. As for Eastcliff, he had never returned to that place ever since he left that year. 4

At this time, Charlie decided to use his Feng Shui skills as an excuse again. He smiled as he said," Someone introduced me to a Feng Shui job. I'm going t o Eastcliff to help take a look at the Feng Shui of a wealthy family’s new villa.” 5

When Elaine heard this, she asked him excitedly, "My good son-in-law, since it is a big family in Eastcliff, wouldn’t they be paying you a lot of money then?"

Charlie nodded before he said lightly, "They’ve said that they’ll give me five million dollars if I make the trip there. If I provide them good Feng Shui services, then they’ll be giving me another three million dollars. I'll be making a total of eight million dollars then."


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