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The Man in Power After Being Married into Her Family novel Chapter 697

Everyone turned around to look out the door as soon a s they heard this voice. At this time, they saw Albert walking into the room with the manager. 6

Chester naturally knew who Albert was. When he saw that Albert was here, he quickly stepped forward before he said respectfully, "Don Albert, why are you here personally?" 1

Unexpectedly, Albert glanced at him with a cold expression on his face as he said, "Were you the one who called Mr. Wilson a pathetic fool earlier?" 6

Chester was stunned at this time. What was happening? Did Albert know Jacob? 2

As he thought about this, he hurriedly explained, "Don Albert, this is probably all just a misunderstanding. Both Jacob and I are members of the Calligraphy and Painting Association and we share a very good and close relationship with one another. Therefore, it’s only natural for us to ridicule and make fun of each other occasionally." 3

Albert frowned before he looked at Jacob and said respectfully, "Mr. Wilson, I really did not expect you to personally visit The Heaven Springs today. Please forgive me for my poor welcome!" 6

Everyone was very surprised to witness this scene!

This was especially so for Chester. At this time, he

was so frightened that he was already breaking out in cold sweat. He could not believe his own eyes! 2

Don Albert, the underground mobster boss who was so famous and reputable in the whole of Aurous Hill, was actually being so respectful and polite to this pathetic fool, Jacob?

Wasn't this a little too ridiculous? 5

In fact, Chester was not the only one who was very surprised at this time. Even Mr. Bay and the rest of the directors were all at a loss for words. 2

At this time, Jacob could not help but ask in surprise," Do you know me?" 2

Albert had a very humble expression on his face as he explained, "I was fortunate enough to meet you when Master Wade ordered me to dispose of Aaron and his son-in-law, Jake, at Glorious Club."


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