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The Man in Power After Being Married into Her Family novel Chapter 699

The expression on Chester's face changed drastically a t this time. He was scared to death in an instant and h e could not help but feel very desperate at this point! 4

How could he possibly live and sleep with pigs? How could he possibly eat what pigs ate? 4

That was too f*cking sick, wasn't it? 2

Besides that, the pigsty was a very messy and disgusting environment. Moreover, the smell of the pigs was also very nasty and smelly. He would definitely feel very sick if he was forced to sleep with all the dirty and smelly pigs! 5

Furthermore, the food fed to the pigs were always leftovers. Due to the lack of air circulation and the sultry temperature in the pigsty, the leftover food fed t o the pigs would usually be rotten within a few hours. What would happen to his health and body that he has taken such good care of for so many years if he had to eat this kind of food? 5

He even has to live with the pigs for a week. He was afraid that he would belch for the whole entire week there! 5

As he thought about this, Chester hurriedly begged Albert, "Don Albert, please be merciful and forgive me.

I really do not want to sleep and live with the pigs in the pigsty. That place is simply too dirty and

nauseating. I cannot stand it..."

Albert sneered before he said, "You can't stand it? Alright then! I will double the duration of your punishment. You will spend two weeks living with the pigs!" 1

Chester could not help but wail out loud.

Albert warned, "You're crying? Alright then, I will add another week to your punishment!” 4

Jacob felt that since Chester had already been beaten up so badly, there was no need to send him to live with the pigs in the pigsty for three weeks. Therefore, he said, "It's okay. I think there isn't a need to send him to live with the pigs at the pigsty. That place is really very smelly and dirty.”

Albert nodded before he said, "Yes, you're right. The pigsty is indeed a very dirty and smelly place. That is the reason why I’ve never had the intention of running a pigsty." 1

At this time, Albert suddenly thought of something and he said excitedly, "By the way, I own a dog farm in the suburbs where I keep all my expensive fighting dogs. I can just send this guy there and ask my men to chop him up and feed him to the dogs instead. That will save us all a lot of effort and worry. Besides that, my dog farm is also very clean and hygienic. I think that he'll definitely like it there!" 6


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