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The Man in Power After Being Married into Her Family novel Chapter 702

A short while later, the beautiful female manager walked back into the Diamond Room. At this time a timid young man was following behind her and his head was lowered as though he did not dare to look up at all. 2

Jacob and everyone else in the Calligraphy and Painting Association were all very confused at this time. They could not help but wonder why Albert would prepare this kid as a performance for them. 6

In fact, there was nothing special about this young man at all!

As soon as the young man walked into the Diamond Room, he immediately bowed in front of Albert without saying anything at all. After a short while, he said in a fearful and respectful manner, "Uncle Albert, I am here to report to you now. Please inspect my scar." 1

This person was none other than Marcus Lloyd.

That day, after carving the words 'pathetic jerk' on Marcus's forehead at Champs Elys Spa Resort, Albert had directly instructed him to come to The Heaven Springs every week so that he could check and inspect his scar in person. 6

This was to ensure that this guy did not do any scar removal or cosmetic surgery procedures to remove the

scar on his forehead. 3

However, Albert did not know that the reason why Marcus had come here today was not just to report to him, but he was also here as a spy because he wanted t o make a stand for himself. 2

Ever since he stepped into The Heaven Springs, Marcus has been silently counting the number of security guards that were inside the building.

After entering the Diamond Room, Marcus also took a close look at the people inside the room.

When he saw that the room was simply filled with old men, Marcus was very relieved. 2

Even if this group of old men were Albert's friends, Marcus was certain that they would have no combat effectiveness at all. Marcus was very confident that he could easily knock them down with a machete. 1

At this time, Albert said to Marcus, "Marcus, these are the leaders of the Aurous Hill Calligraphy and Painting Association. Since it is the Calligraphy and Painting Association, they naturally have a lot of research and accomplishments in calligraphy. Come, lift up your head so Mr. Wilson and his guests can take a look at the calligraphy on your forehead and comment on it!” 1

As soon as he heard Albert's words, Marcus’s heart was filled with a surge of humiliation!

He wanted to turn around and leave immediately.


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