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The Man in Power After Being Married into Her Family novel Chapter 704

However, Don Albert’s arrangement for tonight's dinner was so extremely lavish that Jacob was dumbfounded.

One serving of the best double-headed abalone for each of them cost 8,880 dollars per person, in addition to the black truffles, caviar, and other delicacies that could easily reach thousands of dollars for each serving. 11

He estimated that this dinner was worth at least two t o three million! 3

Jacob had never eaten such an expensive meal in his entire life. He shivered in delight and said to Albert, "M r. Rhodes, thank you so much for your hospitality! I really appreciate it!" 1

Albert smiled lightly, retrieved a business card from his pocket, and said as he handed it to Jacob, "Mr. Wilson, this is my name card, please keep it! Next time, if you’d like to come to The Heaven Springs again, just give me a call and I'll reserve the Diamond Suite for you right away." 6

Jacob grinned as he held the business card like a child receiving a lollipop. 1

The people from the association witnessed the scene i n amazement! 3

Jacob was really awesome! The infamous and

almighty Don Albert was like a humble butler in front of him without the charisma of the king of the underworld.

Albert had not only served dishes and poured wine for them himself, but had even poured himself a glass of white wine, went to Jacob, and said respectfully, "Mr. Wilson, here’s to you!" 1

Flattered, Jacob immediately picked up his glass, clinked it against Albert’s glass, and drank the wine.

He couldn't help sighing. "Wow, this wine is really smooth!" 2

Albert said with a smile, "This is a forty-year-old Chardonnay, which costs around six figures per bottle. Mr. Wilson, if you like it, drink more. I'll have someone bring two more bottles to the room later!” 5


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