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The Princess and the Pauper (Arabella and Romeo) novel Chapter 2184

The Princess and the Paupers novel Chapter 2184 : Echoes of the Past

As the story progresses at Chapter 2184, the characters delve into their pasts. Secrets and hidden histories are unveiled, shedding light on the motivations and conflicts that shape their present lives. Will the details of Chapter 2184 in The Princess and the Pauper novel Arabella solve the problems and troubles in love? Let's read The Princess and the Pauper novel Arabella Chapter 2184 at Novelfreepdf.com

Each bride glided down the aisle in a wedding dress of a different hue, none bearing the weight or garishness often expected, but rather carrying the lightness of a morning mist, each gown softly radiant in its beauty.

"Ladies and gentlemen, are the grooms handsome?" the emcee, Swift, bellowed with infectious enthusiasm to the guests below.


"And are the brides gorgeous?"


"Do they look like a match made in heaven?"

"Perfect match!"

Applause surged once more, buoying the already spirited atmosphere.

Swift's voice swelled with fervor, "It's a true honor to share this joyful and grand occasion with you all. Let me spill a little secret: each wedding dress you see was specially crafted by the groom for his bride, a unique treasure in all the world."

The audience erupted in another wave of enthusiastic applause, and those tuning in via live stream were green with envy.

"Now, I've got a few questions for our newlyweds," Swift continued, playfully stoking the crowd's excitement, "and I bet everyone here is dying to know, who was the first to say 'I love you' in this love story?" The question not only sent the gathered guests into a frenzy but even those watching live online couldn't contain their excitement.

All six grooms raised their hands in unison, proudly admitting they were the ones to chase their brides.

"Who planned the first date?"

Again, the six grooms raised their hands.

"Who's the romantic one?"

All brides pointed to their grooms without hesitation.

"When you argue, who's the first to wave the white flag?"

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