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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1242

In a blink, he looked like a kid who had just messed up.

"Alright, let's not fight, let's not talk about the past..." He reached out to hold Rosalynn's hand, "I'm sorry, I've been overly worried."

This worry of his, it's been there ever since they tied the knot. He's always been cautious, afraid to touch what he shouldn't, and treating Rosalynn like a queen.

But he didn't know why.

Compared to his caution, Rosalynn gave him the feeling that she might leave him at any moment.

On the way home, Wayne couldn't control his thoughts. If he hadn't forced her to marry him back then, would she still have married him? If he didn't hold on tight, would she hold on to him?

"Wayne..." Rosalynn looked at him with concern.

"As for Simon, I'll handle it. After all, the trouble was brought on because of me." Wayne gripped her hand tightly, looking up at her. His eyes were bloodshot, looking vulnerable and pitiful.

This was a side of Wayne that Rosalynn had never seen before.

"You can't handle this yourself." Rosalynn sat next to him, gripping his hand tightly, "The business with Olivia, you can't handle it yourself."

Once public opinion forms, it's hard to shake off. No matter what Simon wanted to do to Wayne, or what Wayne wanted to do to Simon, if things got blown up, in the end, the media would interpret it as all happening because of Olivia.

Wayne frowned, Rosalynn leaned in and gave him a peck.

"Wayne, there's a division of labor at home. Today you stay at home and look after the kids, I go out to handle business. Tomorrow if I'm tired, you go out, it's all the same, don't overthink it."


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