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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1244

The morning after, Ableson's face was swollen like a balloon, and it looked like his head had grown a couple sizes overnight. Wayne was shocked when he saw him.

"That guy sucker-punched me!" Ableson insisted.

Wayne hummed.

"President Silverman, about Duke Simon..."

"Let my wife handle that," Wayne said calmly, "You go and tell everyone that they should follow my wife's instructions."

"Yes, sir!"

Ableson had no doubts. His boss was a tough cookie, and so was the boss's wife.

"You better rest for a while with your face like that," Wayne said, looking at Ableson again.

Ableson was touched. He had broken two ribs on a job for President Silverman before. President Silverman didn't seem too worried, even asked him to keep working.

Now that he was married and a father, he seemed to have changed. He started to care about people. Ableson was very moved.


"Don't scare Ivy and Cory," Wayne added.

So, Wayne is still the same cold and ruthless as before!

"Yes, sir!" He agreed.

After giving instructions, Wayne went back to his room. He had planned to snuggle with his wife a bit longer, but Rosalynn's alarm went off.

She got up, and Wayne missed his hug.

Rosalynn looked back at him, "What are you doing?"

Wayne buried his head in the blanket and chuckled helplessly.


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