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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1258

Paige smiled and said, "I must admit, I didn't realize you were such a conscientious individual. Rest assured, I shall guarantee your rights. However, I must emphasize that your ability to adapt to this place ultimately depends on your father's capabilities."

"He's advanced in years," Molly remarked, gazing at Rosalynn with a determined glimmer in her eyes. "But I am intelligent!"

Paige's smile gradually faded away.

After all, Molly was just a ten-year-old child...

"Is that so?" Rosalynn leaned forward slightly, drawing closer to Molly. "Aside from fighting and escaping, what else are you capable of?"

Paige grasped the general meaning behind Rosalynn's words.

Molly furrowed her brow.

"I can learn; I have a quick grasp of new concepts," she pondered for a moment, speaking earnestly.

Though she excelled at evading, it would undoubtedly be preferable to fully address the problem within an absolutely safe environment.

After all, her father was already advanced in years.

Felix, who could overpower twenty individuals, remained unaware that in Molly's heart, he had aged to such an extent.

"Alright then, since you put it that way, I trust you... How about I give you a year to learn? If you do well, it proves you really are smart," Rosalynn said earnestly.

"Deal. But you have to ensure my dad and I are safe during this period!"



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