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The Soldier's Unsurpassable Honor novel Chapter 687

The head of the Gold family took out a bank card and passed it to Cecilia's mother with a smile.

Cecilia's mother was extremely happy. She took the card and spoke with a smile." This...this is too generous. I feel embarrassed to receive such a huge amount of betrothal gift!"

"Haha... Cecilia’s mother, you've raised Cecilia all these years into an adult and has done a good job. It’s not easy to raise someone into an adult with an honorable character. Our entire family is very satisfied with Cecilia!" The Head of the Gold family started laughing.

“That’s right. Cecilia is always very obedient. She also looks beautiful and has a n honorable character. Apart from that, she’s a university student and had rejected many young masters who pursued her. In the end, she had her eyes on Young Master Gold and this might be their fate!" Cecilia's mother placed the bank card into her pocket, glanced at Selena, and said with a smile. "It's such a waste for the prettiest woman in our Taylor family to marry into a bad family. It seems that they only gave twenty million worth of betrothal gifts. A person's choice is definitely the most important in one's life."

The head of the Gold family naturally understood the underlying meaning of what Cecilia's mother was saying. He also said with a smile. "That’s right, that's right ... Isn't the most important thing for a woman is to marry into a nice family?

Once they are married to the correct person, they wouldn’t need to worry for the rest of their lives; if they aren't married to the right person, they would have to suffer for the rest of their lives."

Fiona's facial expression darkened as these people were obviously saying that her daughter was not married into a nice family.

She felt slightly flustered as there was a huge difference when she thought about how Cecilia's family had 80 million worth o f betrothal gifts whereas Fane only gave her 20 million.

"Thank you, uncle!" Cecilia said happily.

"Hey, young lady, why are you still addressing me as your uncle?" The head of the Gold family adjusted his expression and purposely showed that he was unhappy.

"Oh! Thank you, Father!" Only then did

Cecilia responded and immediately addressed him happily.

"Haha, that's correct!” The head of the Gold family, Ezra Gold, started laughing loudly. H e then said to Zeus, "Old Master Taylor, then it's decided. Our next agenda is to discuss the dates of their marriage. Let's choose a nice date and hold a grand wedding for this pair of newlyweds."

"Sure, I don't have any issues. Just let me know which day is more suitable, alright?" Zeus nodded. The Gold family people were really rich, and they could pay so much as Cecilia's betrothal gift. He was quite satisfied that they expressed their sincerity with this.

"How about one month later?” Kelly said after thinking about it. "In this case, we would have more time to prepare as this is the most important thing in life and we need to make it as grand as possible."

"I don’t think we need that much time! Why don't we hold the wedding 25 days from today? Yes, that seems to be a good day!" Cecilia thought about it and said after she secretly glanced at Selena.

"That's not so good, right? Isn't that day Selena's birthday?" Fiona soon remembered something and said with a frown. "Cecilia, it's best if you change the date. Don't hold both events on the same day."


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