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The Soldier's Unsurpassable Honor novel Chapter 690

"Haha, what a character. You’re really a soldier, your bones are harder than anything else." Kelly started laughing after he heard this. "Since you don’t want to change your dates and we don’t want that too. Then let's do it on the same day. It’s actually not a big deal to hold both events o n the same day, as long as you guys don’t regret it."

The head of the Gold family also started laughing. "Since he doesn't want fifty million, we don’t need to continue persuading him. Our Gold family is also one of the best among all second-class aristocratic families. I believe that many people will come to my son's wedding. At that time, some people will regret it!" "Haha, that may not be the case. Master Gold, you need to think about it carefully. If you hold the wedding on the same day as u s, the people regretting it might be you!" Fane smiled and said without much care.

"Haha, that’s quite fun. Let's hold it on the same day. I want to see how you stir up the city then." The head of the Gold family laughed coldly and looked confident.

Beside them, Cecilia stood up and said to the Taylor family members loudly." Everybody in the Taylor family, I will only get married once in this lifetime. 25 days later would be the biggest day of my life. I believe that everybody would give me face, right? I hope everybody can come to my wedding and don’t miss it!"

One of the elders in the Taylor family immediately stood up. "Don't worry, Miss Cecilia. That is your most important day so we would definitely be there."

"Yes, marriages are definitely more important than birthdays. We will definitely attend it and drink with you." Another middle-aged man also stood up and said.

Cecilia showed a triumphant expression after she heard this. She looked at Old Master Taylor and said, "Old Master, you won't be absent from my wedding dinner, right? I need your blessing the most.”

"Haha, don’t worry. Grandfather will be there. I will definitely be there!" Old Master Taylor started laughing. Although he understood that Cecilia was doing this on purpose to bully Selena but he could not blame it on Cecilia if Fane insisted.

It could only be said that Fane was too strong-headed. He wanted to compete with Cecilia on something like this.

"Sigh, this is so f*cking annoying!” Fiona was incredibly angry. She directly sat down, lowered her head, and focused on eating.

However, the food did not taste as good as previously.

"Thank you, Grandfather!" Cecilia was extremely happy as if she had won. She sat down happily and poured herself some wine. "Come, today is a great day. Let's enjoy a glass of drink."

"Sure, congratulations!" The other members of the Taylor family also raised their glasses and started drinking.

The head of the Gold family looked around him and soon frowned. "This is weird, are w e two people short?”

"Haha, are you talking about Ben and Ivan?”


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