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Will You Marry Me, My Ex-Wife? novel Chapter 696

Luna lifted her head excitedly, but it was not what she expected: it was Joshua coming through the door, holding Nellie's hands, instead of Lily.

He was in a freshly pressed suit, looking tall and handsome.

Joshua held onto Nellie's hand as they entered. The moment he raised his gaze, he noticed Luna, who had a rosy-colored face with intricate make-up.

He was momentarily amazed and stunned by her beauty. He always knew that she was pretty, but he also knew that his feelings for Luna were different from other women.

Out of respect for his relationship with Alice, he rarely ever sized Luna up seriously.

At that moment, she was so gorgeous that his heart violently fluttered.

When he recalled why she had such a face, however...

Joshua's heart sank terribly. He looked away, pulled Nellie over, and took a seat.

Luna's expressions were cold as she swept Joshua a cold glance. "I remembered having Lily send Nellie over when I made the call."

Joshua's expressions darkened. Before he could say anything, Nellie furrowed her brows and said, "I asked

Daddy to accompany me."

Nellie pursed her lips. "For the past month, Daddy has been constantly by your side, not sleeping the entire night. Now that you're awake, Mommy, Daddy should also join in the celebration."

Luna's heart sank a little upon Nellie's words.

She did not know how true Nellie's words were. It was not that she suspected Nellie of lying. She only felt that Nellie was still young and too naive. She could not pinpoint adults lying and cheating.

Luna did not believe that Joshua would keep watch by her side.

After all, did she not become that way because he did not allow her to have his child?

The main culprit was him. No matter how affectionate he pretended to be, in Luna's eyes, it was all fake.

"Let’s eat."

Soon, the waiters served the dishes. Nigel lowered his head and said with a low voice, "The food here is great."


Luna sighed. She asked Nellie how she had been while passing food to her, but it was not long until Luna noticed something was off with her.


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