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Will You Marry Me, My Ex-Wife? novel Chapter 699

Luna had a nice dream.

She dreamt that she got pregnant with Joshua’s child once more and gave birth to a son as adorable as Neil.

With Nigel's sickness then cured, she took the children back to Malcolm's mansion abroad where

Malcolm stood by the entrance, all smiles as he welcomed them.

Luna ran over to Malcolm in joy and excitement.

"I said that I'd cure Nigel. Look! I've done it!"

Malcolm smiled and looked at her.

"I never would’ve thought that Joshua was willing to sacrifice his life to rescue Nigel.”

Luna was stunned for a while, dazed as she looked at him. "Joshua sacrificed his life to save Nigel? Joshua 99

Joshua's pale and colorless face suddenly appeared in her mind.

Luna took a step backward. It felt as if her heart was squeezed tightly by an invisible hand. The cruel hand gripped her heart tighter, bit by bit, crushing it to pieces.


Luna woke up from her nightmare due to excruciating pain.

In the room, Anne and Gwen looked at each other before Gwen turned to Luna, brows furrowed. "You had a nightmare?"

The befuddled Luna opened her eyes, clutching her chest as she nodded furiously.

Anne sighed as she walked toward her and grabbed her hand. "All dreams are not real. What did you dream about?"

Luna clutched her wildly pounding heart. The scenes i n her dreams appeared in her mind once again.

She bit her lip.

"I dreamed that... I dreamed that Joshua saved Nigel."

"That's a good thing."

Gwen was packing Luna's things while smiling and said, "What made you so frightened?"


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