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Will You Marry Me, My Ex-Wife? novel Chapter 701

"Can't I just see you without any purpose?" Bonnie laughed.

"We have not seen each other for a long time. Should w e have coffee?"

Luna hesitated for a while. In the end, she still nodded her head slowly.

She was heartbroken for Bonnie, just like how she was heartbroken for her past self who was so obsessed with Joshua.

The two of them sat down in the cafe.

Bonnie ordered a cup of hot coffee. Luna ordered a cup of room-temperature fruit juice.

"Time sure passes by quickly." Bonnie sighed. She stirred the coffee in front of her while smiling flatly.

"It felt just like yesterday when we first met. At that time, you just arrived at the Lynch Group's design department. You were bullied by Courtney and Shannon. I thought you were just like me..."

Then, Bonnie looked at Luna with a deep gaze. "Who would have thought that so many things happened after that..."

Luna lowered her head and sighed a little, "Yes."

Time passed by so quickly. When she first knew

Bonnie, Luna was still filled with hope that she could get pregnant with Joshua's child, to cure Nigel's sickness.

At that moment, the harsh reality was almost crushing her down.

"I'm getting married soon." Bonnie took a deep breath, retrieved an invitation from her bag, and placed it in front of Luna.

“It'll be a few days later. I hope that you could attend and witness my happiness."

Luna picked up the invitation. 'Bonnie and Jason’ was written on it. Her breathing shortened a little.

Luna lifted her head. "Are you really sure that you want to marry him?"

"If not?” Bonnie raised her eyebrows. Her eyes were filled with some coldness.

"Should I have listened to you and broken up with him?"

Luna's breathing stopped for a while. She subconsciously raised her head up.

The current Bonnie in front of her has long kept her previous affection and gentleness. Her clear eyes were filled with winter-like coldness.

"Luna, actually, I find it quite unbelievable. Where in the world did you find the courage to say such things t o me?"


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