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Will You Marry Me, My Ex-Wife? novel Chapter 703

Bonnie subconsciously took a step backward.

She furrowed her brows and looked at Zach. She had a guarded gaze.

"Since when did you know Luna? When were you brainwashed by her?"

Zach has been friends with Jason since young. They grew up together in the same village.

Technically speaking, Zach and Yuri should be on Jason’s side. Why did they not only protect Luna when she splashed coffee at her, but they also stood b y Luna's side, saying what she said was all true?

"We have not been brainwashed."

Zach sighed and looked at Bonnie's face closely. "We also grew up in the same village. Since when did Yuri and I ever lie?"

Bonnie bit her lips.

It was true. Zach and Yuri were the most honest adopted children in their village. They were simple and honest. They would never cheat or lie since young. They were always teased by Jason and the other kids.

Bonnie had also been cheered up by their straightforwardness and simpleness many times.

However, at that moment...

Bonnie bit her lips.

"It doesn't mean that you won't lie now even if you've never lied since young."

No matter what others said, she would never believe that Jason would betray her! He came back to her from abroad after going through so many difficulties! They were clearly about to get married soon! They were going to be living happily ever after!

Upon Bonnie's words, Luna, who was using a piece of tissue to wipe up the coffee stains on Yuri, slightly faltered.

"You would rather believe that a person who never lies would lie to you, yet you refuse to believe that someone who lies out of habit would lie to you. Is that i t?" 1

Upon her words, Bonnie's face instantly turned a little pale.

Bonnie bit her lips.

"You, shut up! I’m talking to Zach. What right do you have to talk!"

Although she inherited her family wealth not long ago, she was the Craig family's only heir at that moment. She was a billionaire.


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